Facility Leadership

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Facility Leadership

Post by Symphony » Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:13 am

Everyone gets a message on their bunk interface, in addition to the ability to pull up the vote from any screen they encounter in the facility.

"Hello. I am your host."

"The votes for Moderator have been tallied. Kat Sawyer has won. However, Kat Sawyer has been deemed ineligible, as he already holds a council position. Calliope Laska has also been deemed ineligible for the same reason.

Please vote for Moderator once more from the revised list here.

The Moderator will be named by Wednesday, August 28th.

This is the new deadline for auspices and kin to officially present their candidate for Moderator.

Farstrider has been deemed ineligible of management of facility resources. Theurges, please submit another by this deadline.

Philodox, please finalize your selection by this deadline.

If you have questions, I am in the Command Center. Elected may also preview their terminal usage for familiarity any time prior to the first meeting of the council.
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