[DECEASED] Oksana Tvarivich

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[DECEASED] Oksana Tvarivich

Post by Oksana » Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:42 pm

Deceased - 10/6/2019

Name: Oksana Tvarivich
Tribe: Silver Fang (Kinfolk) - Clan Crescent Moon
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Would-be Philodox
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Apparent Age: ~26
Height: 5'7"
Build: Slender
Hair Color: Platinum blonde
Eye Color: Crystal-blue

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics:
[Note: Pure Breed 5, Appearance 3, Charisma 3]
Oksana is above average height for most cis women by a few inches with a perpetually neat appearance. Before the Agartha project, she tended to favor turtlenecks that hid the vicious albeit faded bite scar across her delicate throat - though here in the privacy of the bunker, she seems less concerned with such things. She almost always has a small tablet with her, and if not that, a reusable notepad and pens to communicate with others as she seems to be unable to vocalize otherwise.

Obvious Merits:
Notable Heritage - Tvarivich

Obvious Flaws:

Common Knowledge:
- Grew up in Illinois, near Chicago.
- Extremely well-educated, was reportedly training to be a Museum Curator before the whole Apocalypse thing cut that short.
-- Reportedly has degrees from Harvard and UCLA.
- Workaholic.
- Her parents were Elder Silver Fang Homid Philodox Sorya "Heart of Steel" Tvarivich (yes, of *that* line), and a kinfolk named Jeremiah Morningkill (yes, of *that* line), the product of a cross-house agreement to ally themselves more closely following the the Jo'clatth'mattric... incident.
- She wasn't always mute, the scar at her throat was from some sort of attack or accident.
--- Fluent in American Sign Language

- She lost her voice because she was throated for being too mouthy.
- Actually Queen Tamara Tvarivich's illegitimate daughter.
- Gets along really well with Fianna.
- Used to be a fairly good singer. Seriously, it's a damn shame.
- Was too focused on her studies in the past to settle down with a mate.
- Lived with Coggies back in those wild college years. You do the math.
- Will probably cuddle the shit out of you if you give her an excuse to.

Theme Song:
Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
Oksana Tvarivich
Silver Fang Kinfolk - Clan Crescent Moon - She/Her - Mid 20s
PB 5 | WP 7
Notable Heritage, Concentration, Sage, Jack-of-all-Trades| Mute, Naive, Curious

Triggers to avoid: Sexual Assault

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