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Warren Kingsley
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Warren Kingsley

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Name: Warren Oliver Kingsley

Apparent Age: 40
Height: 6'3"
Build: Heavyweight
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Breed: Homid
Tribe: Silver Fang
House: Gleaming Eye
Would-Be Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Kinfolk
Pack: TBD

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics:

Tall, powerfully built, and commanding, [Appearance 4 (Commanding)] Warren cuts a noticeable figure when he enters a room. He's almost always well dressed, though that might just as easily mean a sweater, slacks, and loafers as a three piece suit.

On the whole, Warren is unfailingly gentleman-like, patient, a good listener, and a charming conversationalist. He has a knack for understanding what makes other people tick, and a way of looking at them that suggests he's seeing into them, rather than what's on the surface. His voice and mannerisms are as arresting as his physical presence; he's the kind of person who doesn't need to raise his voice to exert authority. His insight into others makes him both a dangerous enemy and a bewitching lover [Manipulation 4 (Head Games)], not to mention an excellent poker player.

Obvious Merits/Flaws:

Pure Breed 5
Merits: Insightful, Enchanting Voice

Common Knowledge:
  • Warren is the youngest son of a respectable family belonging to House Gleaming Eye.
  • He is a graduate of both Eaton and Oxford.
  • He caused a scandal in London (and throughout his House) when, at 25, he left his bride at the altar. He's been connected with several high profile women over the years since, but has never married.
  • At 30, Warren embarked on what would prove to be a very lucrative writing career. His work spans urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and young adult sci-fi. His best known series is The Diablo Wars, a post-apocalyptic mutants vs. humans war epic, but his most popular book is a standalone novel called The Devil's Carnival.
  • He carries an antique gold pocket watch and has a fondness for ginger candy.
  • Warren's family disowned him after he got into legal trouble.
  • Warren spent time in rehab for heroin addiction.
  • Warren is gay.
  • Warren had a brief stint as a soap opera actor.
  • Warren was offered the role of Christian Gray in the 50 Shades films, but turned it down.
  • Warren was the real inspiration for Christian Gray.
  • Before the Apocalypse, Warren ran a private dungeon in London.
Character Theme Song(s):
Ängie - Venus In Furs
Fouzia – Bad Dreams
Oomph! feat. Nina Hagen – Fieber
Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse
Evanescence – The End of the Dream (Synthesis)
Warren Kingsley
Silver Fang Kinfolk, Housing Gleaming Eye
Charisma 3, Appearance 4 (Commanding), Manipulation 4 (Head Games)
Pure Breed 5, WP 8
Merits: Insightful, Enchanting Voice

British (RP/Queen's English) accent
Fame 3 prior to the Apocalypse

pronouns: he/him, orientation: heteroflexible/monogamous

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