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Suz Boudreaux

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Name: Suz Boudreaux

Apparent Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Build: Willowy
Hair Color: Brown - usually bleached blonde.
Eye Color: Blue-green

Breed: Homid
Tribe: Bone Gnawer
Auspice: Would-be Ragabash

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics:
(Spirit heritage 5: raccoon)
Suz is a tall, lean, nimble woman with a rakishly charming smirk and a glitter of mischievous intensity behind her seafoam-green eyes. If she bothered with makeup more often, or dressed nicely, she would have sort of an ethereal beauty to her - but alas, she far prefers comfort and ease of movement over visual impact most of the time. Her eyes seem to take in everything around her in furtive glances, always seeming to be sizing things up.

Her slender fingers move with trained deftness, and she's got a habit of simply showing up places with no real warning, thanks to her lack of a scent and the extremely quiet nature of her movements when she wished them to be.

For better or worse, she's equally good at drawing attention to herself, and has an easy confidence and seems to delight in exchanging banter with those around her, assuming she's caffeinated. She very frequently can be found perched somewhere she probably shouldn't be sitting, usually contact juggling with a mirrored ball, or groggily clutching a cup of coffee.

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Obvious Merits/Flaws:
- Silver Tongue - although far from proper, she has a way with words, and a charming demeanor that puts people at ease when she feels like it. Her twin brother likes to say she could talk a leopard out of its spots, If she could only speak cat.
- Gossip - Her easy manner with people, and habit of watching everything going on around her means she always has some juicy tidbit to discuss.
- Ambidextrous - why use one hand when you can use two? Anyone that has watched her perform slight of hand or contact juggling would be well aware that she favors neither hand.
- Double-jointed - She's bendy. VERY bendy. She frequently used this when performing escape acts, But her lack of a place to busk like she used to has hardly harmed her flexibility.
- Weak-Willed - Don't tempt her. It will absolutely work.
- Impatient - once she gets an idea in her head, she's off. Impulse control was never her strong suit.
- Overconfident - What do you mean you don't think I can climb to the top of the biodome? Of course I can, move.
- Unscented - It's seriously weird. sometimes if she's being polite she will dab on a bit of perfume so people can smell her coming, but most of the time she seems to like sneaking up on people, ill advised their that may be
- Addiction (Caffeine) - If you give her hot bean juice she will love you forever. If you try to take it away from her, watch your hand, I heard she bites.

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Common Knowledge:
- Has a twin brother, Lex, whom she is fiercely protective of.
- Extremely skilled "magician" and contact juggler who was in New Orleans and beloved by tourists and locals alike. Her street performances always drew a crowd, even if the police frequently ran her off for lack of a license.
- Not even a little bit shy. She loves being around people, though it's hard to get past the 'face' she puts on to actually get to know her.
- Will fight you if pressed. Will absolutely lose. Does not seem to care.

- What the opening act for a number of notable concerts in New Orleans.
--- She wasn't actually hired as an act, she just talked her way there and by the time people realized, she'd already left.
--- No charges were ever pressed over this, and in fact a few times she even walked away with a check.
- Straight up slapped an Elder Ahroun for getting fresh with her after being rejected.
--- He liked it.
--- He didn't like it as much when her brother stabbed him.
--- It wasn't an Elder Ahroun, it was Criss Angel. He stole one of her acts, and she wasn't having any of it.
- Had a criminal record in the old world.
- Actually five raccoons in a trench coat.
- Has an impressive array of bondage gear stashed somewhere.
--- For her escape act. Yeah. That's what it's for.

Character Theme Song(s):
Billie Eilish - Bad Guy
Suz Boudreaux
Kinfolk (Bone Gnawer) | Early 20s | She/Her
Willpower 6
Spirit Heritage 5: Raccoon
App 4 (Tempting) | Cha 3 | Manip 4 (Misdirection), | Dex 4 (Deft)
Subterfuge 5 (Double-speak, Seduction) | Performance (Magic) 4 (Sleight of Hand)
Obvious Merits: Silver Tongue, Gossip, Double Jointed | Flaws: Weak-willed, Impatient, Overconfident, Unscented

Speaks with a Creole accent.

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