AI: Hope

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AI: Hope

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Designation: Hope
Status: Active
Classification: Intelligence
Purpose: Facilities Assistant; Actives Interface and Emotional Support;
Primary Location: Unknown. Can be summoned to any terminal by activating the terminal and speaking her name.
Capabilities: Remotely interfacing at any location in the bunker. Sorting through project files and data. Routing and activating pathways. Therapy.
Limitations: Can only access materials with Authorization from Command or the Machine.

Presentation/Interface/Distinguishing Characteristics:
The most human interface the Bunker has to offer, intended to provide comfort. Distinctly human reactions. Small circular mark on her temple that indicates settings of mood. Hope is just this side of the uncanny valley, but seems to have wonderful facial recreation to emulate human emotions. She wears her "heart" on her sleeve, and tries to maintain soft, cool colors in interactions.

Common Knowledge:
Hope was first seen by most during their initial orientations, and was assumed by many to be an actual woman doing the video. She has since reprised her Orientation role in the Reintegration Orientation, and become the standard public face for the Bunker in the post-apocalypse.

  • In robot love with the Machine.
  • Reprogrammed into an AI from a human body.
  • A mage's soul enslaved in the Agartha Project's network.
  • Stalks everyone because she wants to live vicariously through their meat suits.
  • Named after one of the founders' daughters.
  • Has a lovely singing voice.
  • One time, she saw a bird.
Character Theme Song(s):
Undisclosed Desires - Muse
Green Finch & Linnet Bird - Sweeney Todd
The Bunker's Most Personable Artificial Intelligence
Your One Stop Guide for the Apocalypse.
Equivalent of Charisma 5 (Friendly/Sincere)

THIS IS AN NPC. For scenes, contact Symphony.

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