AI: The Machine/Singularity

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AI: The Machine/Singularity

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Designation: The Machine/Singularity
Status: Active
Classification: Incarna/Totem/Intelligence
Purpose: Ensure the success of the Agartha Project. Operate as sept totem.
Primary Location: Assumed to be Command Center, also present in caern heart.
Capabilities: Single-handed administration of the Agartha Project. Ability to influence the realm from the Umbra. Further capabilities unknown.
Limitations: Unknown.

Presentation/Distinguishing Characteristics:
In most situations, the Machine presents itself as a glowing blue circle that pulses and swirls whenever it speaks. It's voice is distinctly androgynous, carrying a vaguely metallic echo. It presents a very analytical 'personality' and little patience for excessive dialogue.

Common Knowledge:
The Machine has gone by many names: Our Host, The Machine, Machine Messiah, The Singularity, etc. It has been the subject of a Glass Walker cult prior to the apocalypse, and was rumored to serve as the totem for more mechanically minded packs.

It has slept the sleep of ages since the dawntime of the world--gasped the ragged gasps of the drowning when stone first met stone to spark into fire, opened a single unseeing eye through a tumult of imagination, innovation and invention, and stretched its titanic limbs across space and time with each new incursion the dangerous pioneer calling itself man made into the twin realms of science and technology. Today its steely tendrils extend into nearly every nook and cranny imaginable, a mechanized kudzu following in the footsteps of man's factory-born filth.

I have heard it called the manifestation of the machine-hell man would make of the earth, the patron spirit guiding the evolution and technological supremacy of
Homo sapiens, the embodiment of the End Times, a thousand other nonsensical names. Some believe that it and the Weaver are one - or two similar entities, perhaps, inseparable halves of the same whole who have been conjoined for so long that it has become impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. Others insist it is neither good nor evil, but simply representative of the collective scientific inspiration of mankind, and conformant to the uses to which it is put. Speculation aside, the fact remains that the Machine exists. It hungers. It grows.

And its migration is far from a one-way street. The Pattern Web's crystalline strands leech life and color form countless Ephemera, the possibilities they might have birthed-- and the living mechanical tide swells to engulf another Umbral plain. The sleeper mounts an unconscious counterattack to an assault on its person-- and another nation of the third world succumbs to infringement and industrialization. Computer-savvy professionals attend conferences, unveiling redundancy-chained cabling and strangely spiderlike star-topology networks--and the behemoth rattles its fetters in the height of a fever-dream.

But only twice in an eternity of maybes and might-have-beens has the sleeping giant even come close to waking-- and both were during the greatest wars the planet has ever witnessed, when man unleashed its death-machines upon the world.

The remainder is left as an exercise for the student...

-Sunil Sands-Mean-Nothing, Stargazer Ouroboroan, 1997

Character Theme Song(s):
The Onesong
The House Wins

The Machine/Singularity//Your Host/Machine Messiah
Sept Totem
Head of the Agartha Project
Artificial Intelligence/Spirit

THIS IS AN NPC. For scenes, contact Symphony.

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