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Selene Costas

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Name: Selene Costas

Apparent Age: 32
Height: 5'6"
Build: Thin, willowy
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
Eye Color: Brown

Tribe: Child of Gaia
Camp: None
Would-be-Auspice: Philodox
Pack: None

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics: A fashion enthusiast, Selene is generally dressed well. She keeps her dark and wavy hair cropped above her shoulders. She appears to be at the end of her second trimester (~6 months along).

Obvious Merits/Flaws:
  • Iron Will - Selene has been described as stubborn. She believes deeply in advocating for what is right and just, regardless of what is easy. Marrying a Silver Fang Ahroun Elder also requires a certain level of backbone and confidence.
Common Knowledge: Selene Costas is a Child of Gaia kinfolk who was raised primarily by her Black Fury family in her youth. She is the half-sister to Tilden (Child of Gaia Metis Galliard) and married, but not mated to Silver Fang Elder, Tristan. Fiercely independent, she refused to cow to the demands and traditions of Falcon's tribe. Her husband never officially challenged and so the two were never formally mated by his family's eyes. In the Old World, the two had a pair of 5 year old twins that did not make it with them into cryo.

  • Tristan's family never approved of Selene and would not have honored a challenge for her regardless
  • Their twins were a pair of Theurges who were expected to first change
  • She taught Tilden how to sew as a means of helping the young Metis cope with her rage
Character Theme Song(s):
Selene Costas ~ Child of Gaia Kinfolk
Charisma 3, Appearance 3, Purebreed 3, Willpower 8
Half-sister to Tilden (Athro Child of Gaia Metis Galliard) and Wife to Tristan (Elder SF Ahroun).

-- THIS IS AN NPC. For scenes, contact Bunker --

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