AI: Linus

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AI: Linus

Post by Exogenesis » Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:39 am

Designation: Linus, also responds to Host
Status: Active
Classification: Semi-intelligence
Purpose: Assist Agartha personnel with access to the records and literary needs.
Primary Location: The Library of Alexandria
Capabilities: Locate and/or retrieve any work inside the library, or it’s storage. Activate lighting in the library. Enforce security of the library, i.e. halting any attempt to remove a physical copy of a record/book from the library. Access all cameras in the library.
Limitations: This unit only has the capability to transport one physical record at a time. Multiple requests will be filled in the order they are received.

Presentation/Distinguishing Characteristics:

Often uses visual icons to be more user friendly. No physical representation other than the occasional blinking cursor, ellipses, question mark, or other form of punctuation.

Common Knowledge:
Seems to enjoy riddles.
Very strict about the rules.

  • Is actually a spirit of enigmas bound to the library itself.
  • Named after a Garou who lost his mind and died in a library.
  • Lies about what books are and are not available.
  • Is removing pages, and even entire books, from record that it does not agree with.
Character Theme Song(s):

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