My Child, Be A Sword

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Jesse Reynolds
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My Child, Be A Sword

Post by Jesse Reynolds » Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:41 pm

Composed by Neal Bitter-Heart, Fenrir Metis Skald:

"My mother was a hammer.
My father was a forge.
And when I lay down in the cold, they whispered, ‘Child, be a sword’.

Some want their children happy.
Some want them safe and calm.
Others, though, will scrape their bones, and sing them songs of war.

My mother's milk was blood,
my father's love was pain,
and in the dark I heard them say, ‘Child, be a sword’.

A sword will never hurt.
A sword will never cry.
And if you keep it sharp, then a sword may never die.

A sword is not a comfort.
A sword is not a friend.
A sword has but one purpose, to tear, and cut, and rend.
But a sword won't be forgotten.
It won't be cast aside.
For a blade as sharp and cruel as you will be very hard to find.

So put away those dreams
and clear them from your head;
they will do you naught but harm down the road that you must tread.
For it is with care we hurt you, and with malice grind your edge.

Good steel is hard to come by, but even harder still:
to turn it to a purpose with a true, unbending will.
While others dream of love, and sing of face and form,
those things my dear are not for you.

My child, be a sword."
Jesse Reynolds
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Re: My Child, Be A Sword

Post by CrazyTalk » Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:48 pm

"Our parents had similar parenting styles huh?"
Luke "Crazy Talk" Watkins
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