First Kiss of Death

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First Kiss of Death

Post by Joyjah » Wed Aug 28, 2019 2:52 pm

"I could tell you the story of the first time I Raged back from death. It's sort of like your first kiss, in that you don't ever forget it.

So, dis was a while back, when I was still a new Cliath, so maybe...fourteen, fifteen, I forget. Anyway, I'd just joined my pack, and my alpha--dis big old boy called Temple Run--was takin' us up from the South Ward to the North Ward, where Golgol Fangs-First was leadin' from. We were supposed to meet up with some other Changing kinds for an information exchange and an escort for one of their commanders to de Hollow Heart caern. When we got to 'em, everybody was buzzing about a rumor that some corporate Wyrm spawn were comin' to put something in a waterway that led into one of the protected areas for uncontacted tribes--pollution, a mutagen, something like dat. Nobody was willing to let that happen, obviously, and since we were there, we offered to help put a stop to it.

It took us the better part of a day to get where we were going--my pack and one other called de Range Rovers, one of de jaguars, and a couple crocodiles. The Mokole knew where there was a fork in the river you'd have to come down to get to where the dumping would probably be, so we went and hid out in the trees and in the water. I remember it was full dark down there, even though the sun was shining above the canopy. The water was warm, like you'd want in a bath, and de noise--birds, monkeys, frogs, bugs, all chirpin' an' croakin' and screamin' at one another. No way any humans or Dancers were gonna hear us in all that. Unfortunately, it meant we didn't hear anything either.

I didn't know anything was wrong until I looked over and realized de Garou sat next to me was gone. Then all 'a sudden, she pops back up out of the water and she's fighting tooth and claw at something tryin' to pull her down. Den everybody was fighting, and just before I got dragged under, I saw what it was. Pentex wasn't bringing chemicals to dump; instead, they brought monsters. Big, fifteen, twenty-foot black eels as thick around as you with teeth like those deep sea fish that can't close they mouths, they got so many fangs. The crocs they coiled around tight and tried to drown; the Garou, they was tearing pieces off one at a time. De jaguar ran for it, and the water was churning like a bile up; you could taste the blood when you went down, there was so much of it. I got most of my rib cage caved in on dis side; still got de teeth marks. The leg came clean off except for a few tendons and a bit of muscle. I'm lucky I have it. Took de Children of Gaia three surgeries, six months, and a whole mess of mystical healing to fix, and even now it doesn't work quite right, though that was more from gettin' it crushed in a rock slide a couple years later.

I don' actually remember dyin', and it was so dark already, it wasn't like I could see the light fading. All I know is that it got cold, and then everything was red, and I after that, it's all a blank. One of the Mokole got me out; Temple Run said he took his war form and bit the eel clean in half, jaws the size of a car. I guess he put me in his mouth, claws and all and spat me out on the bank. When I woke up...that was some pain, I tell you. Needless to say, we ended up havin' to go for help, which turned into a whole different set of problems on account of running into some Bastet. They do not like Garou down there, and they especially don't like Gogol Fangs and the people workin' for him. But, that's a story for another time. Anyway, we eventually got the problem sorted, and now there's crocodiles stationed there 'round the clock. I know we got to the facility they were usin' to breed the eels about a year later and destroyed it, but I wasn't there for that, and nobody really thinks we got 'em all. Sometimes I wonder what happened to them--I figure if nothing else, the Apocalypse probably sorted them. Now the only place they live is up in my head, and you betta believe I still have nightmares about 'em sometimes."
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