Introduction to Exogenesis Symphony

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Introduction to Exogenesis Symphony

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In Character
In May of 2018, the B612 Foundation was finally able to launch the Sentinel Space Telescope, and quickly learned of a Near Earth Object (NEO), named 2018 KR36. After further analysis, it was named Camulos and given a 96% chance of an impact event with earth. All research indicated the impact would result in the extinction of the human race, if not the complete annihilation of the planet. What's worse, the estimated time until impact was 5 years: 2023.

The world fell to chaos almost immediately. Economies and governments crumbled, and everyone thought they knew the right way to address the situation. Countless projects were launched to try and counteract the incoming asteroid or create safehavens underground, but most attention was diverted to evacuation. Initially, over the first year, several global projects were launched to try and create an interstellar ark, but agreements could not be reached on how best to do it or where they would go. Instead of one massive ark, most of the industrialized world turned to projects of smaller arks. Major corporations began to repurpose themselves to construct interstellar arks and generation ships. Every ark had a different plan on how to get off the planet, and with only 5 years, construction and research was rushed. But due to open communication between projects, there was success.

In San Diego, California, the two major projects were the ISS Qualcomm and the ISS Sempra. You, somehow, managed to land a spot on the ISS Sempra. The arrangement is prolonged cryostasis until the ship travels to the distant Kepler-442b to establish a new colony. As 2022 hit, and the approach of the asteroid began to effect the earth's atmosphere, you entered the ISS Sempra, put your carry-on bag under your stasis pod, and entered cryostasis.

And now, you're waking up. And it's not the paradise you hoped for. But you can't go home.


Out of Character
Exogenesis Symphony is an experimental nWoD sci fi horror game.

Our plan includes the following:
  • End Date - This is not a long-term chronicle. You, as players, will set the pace. When the PCs on the whole exit the ship, we fade to an epilogue.
  • Heavy Horror, Heavy Psychology - The game will be lethal, but the quality of life will be excellent. We want to really focus on your character's stories, and customize your horror for your history.
  • Light Mechanics, Light Science - Our focus is on your stories, not your stats and not the science of things. There will be a bit of all of it, of course, but our focus is on the interactions. The reactions to the environment, not the environment itself.
  • Winning Back the Ship - As you explore the ship, each new area will unlock a new forum, which you must secure before opening it for soft RP. To start, you'll only get the Cryo Lab.
  • HAVE. FUN. - Seriously, though.
To achieve this atmosphere, we need to preserve a sense of horror and fear of the unknown. To that end, no PC will be able to be an officer or prominent person in the know. We encourage civilians who managed to talk/buy/extort/whatever their way onto the ship, not people actually involved in ship operations or construction. You can submit PCs for either, but we'll only allow low level grunts and peons who aren't in the know.

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