Movement & Unlocking Forums

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Movement & Unlocking Forums

Post by Symphony » Mon May 14, 2018 5:49 pm

In the isolated environment of Exogenesis Symphony, the areas open for RP are restricted by the actions of players.

As game starts, individuals will thaw out of cryostasis in the Civilian Cryo Lab on the Habitation Deck. This is a Safe area.

Any forum marked Safe is open for Soft RP and requires no ST oversight.

After that point, players will likely branch out to explore the rest of the ship, in so doing adding additional subforums to the board. As additional areas become accessible, new forums will be added to the board.

You can start a scene to explore the area (we'd suggest one at a time), but it requires ST oversight. Once the area has been secured IC, it will be marked Safe, and you can continue unlimited soft RP in those areas.

Safe areas can be compromised by player action, but it likely won't change the entire state of the forum.

Some areas may be intrinsically unsafe due to environmental hazards. Scenes here will require ST oversight, but the ST may not actively post in the thread.

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