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Exogenesis Symphony's Staff

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Staff Duties
Exogenesis Symphony has three tiers of staff:

Head Storyteller
Ultimately responsible for all things. Establishes metaphysics, current world setting, overarching plot, final approval on all PCs/renown/downtime, plays primary NPCs and totem spirits, final say on all calls of mechanics and genre. Access to all forums and plot. May have one PC, provided they do not participate in scenes the HST runs. (Symphony)

Assistants to HST. Necessary bookkeeping and updates (renown/census/XP audits/Want Ads), support on overarching plot, personal plot/monster of the week scenes, auxiliary NPCs and spirits, authority to approve characters/renown/downtime. Access to all forums and plot upon request, input on world setting. May have two PCs, provided they do not participate in scenes the ST runs. (Exogenesis)

Personalized narrators. Run plots based off of PC Want Ads, focusing mainly on personal plots and monster of the week scenes. Can run spirits/NPCs with ST approval for narrative consistency. No access to character/pack forums or knowledge of overarching plot. (TBA)

What to Expect From Your Staff
  • Staff will not enforce genre/setting, only share what existed before.
  • Staff will not enforce rank/hierarchy, except by spirit understandings and referencing what existed before.
  • To foster an environment of isolation horror, not all NPCs will be made obvious.
  • Staff is not obligated to provide things IC (NPC Support, supplies, locations), unless you seek it out IC.
  • NPCs exist on demand or plot necessity. They will not start scenes, or join them unless requested/sought after, or the setting demands it.
  • STs are allowed to have PCs. They do not follow the above restriction, but are required to avoid a conflict of interest.
  • Forums will become visible/unlocked the more you explore the bunker. At game start, only The Core will be known.

Getting the Most From Your Staff
  • A Q&A thread in your forum (as opposed to PMs) helps the staff stay on the same page.
  • Post links to scenes that need staff attention in Staff Scenes to make things easier to track.
  • Any questions that could benefit the game on the whole should be asked in Player Questions. An ST has authority over a Narrator, but the HST has final say.
  • Create Want Ads to help get the story you want. If it's something other players can do, post it in the Want Ads forum. If it's your personal plot, put it in your forum, and a Narrator/ST will reach out to you.
  • Remember that we're all volunteers. Be patient with us, and be nice.
  • GIVE COMPLIMENTS FREQUENTLY in the Staff Love thread of Shout Outs. It fuels us.
  • Communicate openly, honestly and often. We can't fix what we don't know is broken.
Staff PCs
Because game is DRAINING, staff can have PCs. STs can have 2, Narrators can have 3. For Narrators, their PCs are primary, their staff duties are secondary. ST Staff PCs are different. So here's the standard we hold ourselves to.
- An ST has a right to combat burnout by declaring they'll be focusing on their PC for that day, in which case they may prioritize fluff and fun and take a small break to kickstart staff hype. If players think this is being abused, however, they're welcome to contact Exogenesis, Symphony, or a Narrator, if they don't feel comfortable bringing it to an ST, to voice their concern.
- Otherwise, the ST's PC(s) will always come SECOND:
  • STs will not post on their PC account until everything that can be quickly resolved on their ST account has been addressed.
  • ST PCs will not have any plot-related epiphanies, nor volunteer their plot-helpful capabilities unless the other PCs feel stuck. Other PCs aware of these capabilities can, of course, ask.
  • ST PCs will ALWAYS defer to normal PC glow. If two characters want a thing, it will go to the non-ST-PC. If two PCs share a merit, it will more benefit the non-ST-PC. If a position is contested, it will go to the non-ST-PC (without intervention from other PCs).
  • ST PCs exist in a fade-to-black world. If staff has the energy to write adult content, we would prefer that energy be more professionally directed toward running the game.

Contacting Staff
Symphony is available to chat on Discord (Vex#6546), FB Messenger (Chrys Seward) or anywhere on the forums. (PMs to staff give me anxiety for some reason)
Exogenesis is available to chat on Discord (Torroso#61100, FB Messenger (Mo Phillips) or anywhere on the forums.
They're happy to answer questions, share hype, clarify stuff, generally babble, name it.
This is all considered unofficial chit chat, though. Nothing on Discord, Messenger, or in PMs will be considered canon, however, unless you put it your character forum.

Official Game Stuff
Concept approvals, mechanically impactful questions, significant character alterations, forum tweaks, etc., all need to be accounted for in your character forum.
This way, all of the ST staff (Exogenesis and Symphony at the time of writing) can see and reference it with ease, not needing to scroll through masses of PMs and chat logs.

TL;DR - We'll chat as the day is long, but it ain't legit until it's in your character forum.

Meet Your Staff

Name: Symphony
Position: Head Storyteller
Responsibilities: Final approval on all things. World setting and metaphysics. Overarching plot. Final call on mechanics. Approving new PCs and setting up forums/permissions. Processing downtime. Forum moderation.
Contact for: Bunker logistics and Totem Spirits. Anything involving the state of the world. XP Audits. Forum moderation.
NPCs: Muzzle. Hope.

Name: Exogenesis
Position: Storyteller
Responsibilities: Developing personal plot. Supporting overarching plot. Processing downtime.
Contact for: Bunker logistics and select spirits. Anything involving the state of the world.
NPCs: None known.

Name: Bunker
Position: Narrator
Responsibilities: Supporting cast. Minor spirits. Monsters of the Week & Random Encounters.
Contact for: Personal plot development (in the event they pick up your Want Ad). NPCs that need to be played.
NPCs: None known.

Name: Technologic
Position: Narrator
Responsibilities: Supporting cast. Minor spirits. Monsters of the Week & Random Encounters.
Contact for: Personal plot development (in the event they pick up your Want Ad). NPCs that need to be played.
NPCs: None known.
Game's Discord & Dice Roller: https://discord.gg/9vb3S9k

Do not PM me if it's something you can throw up in your character forum.

NPCs: Muzzle, Hope, The Machine

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