Content Warnings, Check Ins & Consent

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Content Warnings, Check Ins & Consent

Post by Symphony » Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:54 am

Two of the most important rules of Exogenesis Symphony is "have fun" and "allow others to have fun."

I don't like telling people what they can and can't RP. If it's enjoyable for you and the other party involved, please play through it to your hearts content. We only ask that you do so with respect for others.

If you know your scene is going to involve some potentially triggering stuff (dealing with a miscarriage, waking up from nightmares of emotional abuse, etc.), please put a Content Warning in your post.
(CW: miscarriage) or [Content Warning: Discussions fo Abuse] or however you want to do it.

Please add into your signatures things that will impact your OOC enjoyment if you come across them. This will help people in scenes with you know to direct conversation away from certain things, and it will help Staff keep an eye on what scenes would and would not be fun for you.

If you plan on involving someone on a potentially triggering topic, please make sure they're okay with it OOC. Say your PC has been dealing with apocalypse stress through cutting. That's a hell of a thing to sping on a player. Shoot them a note OOC first saying something like "hey, this scene will likely reveal my character's self-harm patterns. Is that something you're comfortable RPing?'

This also extends to staff. There may be things that a narrator or staff member just isn't comfortable running. If that's the case, they have the right to switch out for another staff member. If no staff member is comfortable running what you want, Symphony will try and paraphrase the scene as best she can so you can get your progression without any member of staff being forced to run something they're not comfortable with.

If there is a plot/theme/etc. you're NOT comfortable running, please let staff know. Post in your signature, your character forum, etc. so we know to avoid them.

Also equally important is OOC check-ins. If your characters start getting into a heated debate or argument and it's getting SUPER intense, shoot each other a PM to check in OOC and make sure they're okay. See if a pause is needed to prevent bleed. If it's becoming an OOC issue, it's smart to step back, or to tag staff in to help out.

Play whatever you want, but be considerate of an audience. If you plan on running a torture scene on Muzzle to extract secrets on the bunker, or if you're planning to portray domestic abuse, or anything squirmy to the general public, I highly recommend asking for a private forum to run the scene away from prying eyes. That also goes for sexy stuff too. I don't... require a private area for it? But I certainly encourage it. <3

TL;DR, remember that we're all here to have fun. Also remember that bleed is a thing, so we want to make sure we look after each other so EVERYONE can have fun, without limiting anyone's RP experience.

If you have any questions/concerns, please ask in the Player Questions.
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