She Blinded Me With Science

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She Blinded Me With Science

Post by GladOS » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:44 pm

She opened her eyes, staring into the blindingly bright overhead operating table light, she tried to move, but found herself bound to the table itself.

As the sedation wore off of her, she tried to struggle against the bonds.

"She's awake! Somebody fix that!" Came a voice somewhere off to her left.

"Yes Ma'am!" There was a pinprick in her arm, and everything became fuzzy again.

She opened her eyes slowly, and things began to come back into focus, the first thing that became apparent was that she was no longer attached to a table, there was no blinding operating light to burn her eyes. No, now she was bound to a hospital bed, one of the ones she had seen on the third floor. There was no bright light to hurt her eyes, but her throat felt like it was on fire, and had she been able to see it, she would have seen the bloody bruising. She tried to move her head, and felt the pull of the stitches across her neck.

"Oh good, you're awake."

She turned her head, ignoring the pulling, and saw the Sept Alpha, Cut The Red Wire.

"Well, aren't you going to try it?"

She looked at Cut The Red Wire, confused for a moment,

"Try.... whaaaaat." Was the hoarse noise that came from her mouth, the noise that could almost be called a voice, but not quite. It was more like the screech of an early computer trying to connect to dial-up.

Her own voice seemed to startle her into silence.

"Ah good! It worked! It will take some getting used to, having a voice, but we will give you speech lessons until you get the hang of it. And when you thank us, it can be with your own voice and not that tablet of yours." Cut The Red Wire rubbed her hands together, and stared at the Metis with a gleam in her eyes. "Oh yes, we will do so much, not just for you either, we'll fix everyone, so they all may be just as perfect as Gaia herself, if not better."

There was a click clack of heels as Cut The Red Wire moved to a desk, retrieving a tablet from the top of it. "Now, try speaking again."

She shook her head, not because she didn't want to, not because this didn't at least in some small way excite her, but because she was afraid of hearing the "voice" that would come from her, as she declined, a sharp jolt of electricity went up her spine, causing her to wince in pain and cry out. It was a horrid noise really, like some small animal caught in the engine of some large machine.

Cut The Red Wire tisked.
"I would have thought you would be happy... now let's try this again."

As Cut The Red Wire watched her, she gathered up her courage and tried to speak for her Alpha. "I....I....I...I....I" She seemed to be stuck on repeat, not stuttering, literally stuck. She sounded like a scratched record until another jolt was sent up her spine, causing her to send out another howl of pain."Why.... why, would you do this?" The voice finally said... it felt strange, she had heard so many voices, but never heard them come from her own mouth.

Cut The Red Wire smirked, not answering her question, but seemingly quite pleased with her own work.
"That's more like it, keep going."

She tried to speak again; "It... it feels wrong, if Gaia had wanted me to speak..." There was a buzzing hiss of static, her voice started to click and humm. "Ella lo habría puesto en los esquemas cuando me diseñada"

Cut The Red Wire made a note of the sudden switch in language,

"You'll get used to it, then you'll see just how wonderful it is, once we work all the kinks out."

"Metis son inútiles, que me has dicho por lo mismo, me dijo que yo no soy importante, ¿por qué querrías ayudar a m-" She was cut off by the sound of too much feedback, she tried to scream out due to the sudden agonizing pain that shot through her body, specifically her throat, but no noise came out this time.

Cut The Red Wire made a note of this as well, not seeming to care that the Metis was in pain.

"Hmm, we'll have to do something about that, it wont do to have any imperfections." There was more of the click clack of her heels as Cut The Red Wire walked towards the door, flipping off the switch to the lights in the room.

"Get some rest, there's plenty more work to be done."

Translations: *She would have put it in the schematics when she designed me*
*Metis are useless, you've told me so yourself, told me that I am not important, so why would you want to help m-*
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