Setting Fires

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Setting Fires

Post by Eli Vidal » Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:14 pm

“Oh meu Deus, querida, olhe para as notícias!” Her mother’s voice cracked through the static line of the almost long forgotten home phone Eli seemed to still own and use. There wasn’t much that could sway the Shadow Lord to show emotion, but the fearful voice of her mother on the other line was enough to cracked the already frayed edges of her psyche and opened her up.

“Mamãe, English please. O que há de errado? É a Maisie?” It was rare for Eli’s voice to pitch with worry and fear, but beyond the tired soldier and battle weary wolf there was a mother clawing its way out despite her refusing to be in her daughter’s life.

“Não, Eli. É o Vitor.” Her mother spoke in rapid Portuguese, and even now it was hard for Eli to figure out the context let alone the full meaning of words.

“Mama. English! What happened to Vitor?” Slowly Eli stood from the small kitchen counter that was cluttered with groceries that were awaiting to be put away. Her fingers coiled into the corded plastic as she nervously waited for her mother to give her a response. He couldn’t be dead. She told herself. He was okay. Nothing bad happened. What she didn’t expect was something far worse than the truth she was trying to paint for herself.

“He did it. He killed the president. It was on TV Eli, what did he do?! Why did he do it?” She asked, Eli could tell her mother was on the edge of hysterics, and even as the information washed over her own mind she felt a slight ringing in her ears. Eli felt dizzy, and a strange copper taste in her mouth manifested coupled with feeling light headed. The ahroun had to brace her body on the counter top while juggling the phone.

“Mama…What.. what did you say?” She felt like her own voice was far away and so small in that moment.

“Eli, look at the news, why would he do this? You and him are close. Did he tell you he was doing this? You have to know something, people are asking questions!”

“I.. I don’t know!” Eli finally sputtered out as her rage finally took hold of her. It was a wrench in her heart, a fire that ignited and ate away the feelings she always tried to ignore. It was like riding a high that burned away every thing that made her feel. Her grip on the phone tightened till she was white knuckling it and the plastic strained. She barely heard what her mother said next.

“You are always blaming me for his actions!” She snapped at her mother. It was pent up anger for always taking his blame, being a bad influence and now this. Before her mother could even answer Eli ripped the phone from her ear and slammed the phone on the counter top, over and over she smashed it, splintering plastic flinging parts of the phone across the kitchen floor.

“FUCK! IDIOTA FODA ESTÚPIDO!” She shouted while ripping the cord from the wall. Her rage seethed and devoured her, but she didn’t lose it or cave to it. She flung the rest of the phone to the floor and sat down on the floor, her breathing rapid as the rage ebbed and panic set in. She took several breaths, but couldn’t seem to catch any of them, and as her head swam in nearing darkness the knock on the front door didn’t help matters at all.
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