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Patient Zero

Post by Muzzle » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:55 am

Muzzle's demonic red eyes shot open as she took her first deliberate breath in a century. Her tongue ran over her mako shark-like teeth, trying to combat the dry mouth. The last bits of cryo fluid drained out around her feet, vents switching on to help he dry out. She didn't move just yet. She waited.

Net or Cinemagic would lean over the pod any moment wth a snarky comment, and they'd go restart the world. The more Muzzle got in touch with her brain, the more she was excited to see eall the fun ideas the other Bombshells had come up with. She began wondering what they needed that they'd unthaw her. Ooo, a new progamming project? So many exciting possibiliities.

The metis stretched out with a dry sigh that ended up in small coughs. Nah, she needed water. Tori'd probably bring it. She had less tunnel vision than Net. So Muzz waited a bit longer, combing fingers through her hair to get it dried out. The entire room was dark except for the glow of her pod. That was a bit creepy.

By the time it was actually dry, though, Muzzle was... confused. Did they forget they activated her? Muzz reached out to pack mind link. And... nothing. She frowned. That was feasible, though. They'd already discussed how totem links were unlikely to linger through cryo. Hm. Ah well. Muzz grabbed onto the side of the pod and pulled herself out.

The second the room registered her movement, lights flickered on. Muzzle looked around, stopping as she realized none of the other pod bays were full. It was just her. Her brow knit in confusion, but bare feet carried her towards the center console. Everything was off except for a blue circle on the highest monitor.

So cool. At least The Machine made it.

"Good mornin' Starshine."

"The Earth says hello."

Okay cool. Code was in place. Muzz smacked her lips a bit.

"Uhh... did Net and Tori take the hydration packets?"


She nodded, scratching her butt, 'cos.. you know, it itched. And no one else was here. Muzz shrugged and pointed. "Flasks still in ReOr?"


Muzz nodded again and headed to the orietnation side room. She grabbed a hydroflask and an MRE, flopped down and began eating and drinking. Hope flickered on screen and Muzzle damn near frenzied in a panic.


"Apologies," Hope offered helpfully. The screen went dark.




Hope appeared once more.

Muzzle grimaced. "I mean it's a little late now. But good to see you."

Hope smiled warmly. "It's nice to see you too, Miss Muzzle. Can we get you anything?"

"Uh... we got an ETA on Net and Tori?"

Hope shook he head. "I'm sorry, Muzzle, I do not know."

"Shit." She rubbed her nose. Ate a bit more. "Well when did they activate?"

"Network and Cinemagic have not activated. Would you like to view the updated Reintegration Orientation?"

Muzzle stopped eating. "...wait, what? Shit, activate 'em then."

"I'm sorry, Miss Muzzle, I show no record of Network or Cinemagic in cryo."

MRE hit the floor. "Wait. Wait. WHAT?"

The statement repeated with an increased 5% in volume. "I'm sorry, Miss Muzzle, I show no record of Network or Cinemagic in cryo."

"No, that.. I heard you. Why... what..." Muzzle was on her feet. "Hope, I need pod status on the following." The metis hurried back to the central input in the other room.

Hope's face followed, offering the results as helpfully as she could.
"I have no record of Network in cryostasis.
I have no rcord of Cinemagic in cryostasis.
rubeXcube is DECEASED.
Kiran is stable in cryostasis.
Owen is stable in cryostasis."

Muzzle backed away. Looked around. It started to sink in. The Bombshells were almost entirely gone. The leaders. Her leaders. That meant... no. No. She furiously typed in more names.

"Records on Promised Land are classified.
The Architect is DECEASED.
Heartsong is DECEASED."

Her mind was reeling. There were so many others that were supposed to do this. She was just some dumb metis yesman. She wasn't supposed to spearhead this. She followed orders. She... she followed Tori. She followed Net. She followed Fidget. She followed Eve. But they were gone.

How could she.... how was she supposed to...

Muzzle's heart pounded, more and more, the weight of the solitude of the facility weighing on her. Eager AIs awaited her every command. No one else in this entire facility was alive. She was the only. Person. Alive. In. The world.

And then she saw red.
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