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The list of names was never ending in her mind as she thought of those that needed to be honored. A huge undertaking, one she didnt know if she had the heart for anymore. Falcon was gone. What did that mean in the end.

"You're the tribe of kings. This is your chance to assess that. To assess everything. The spirit that secured your pact of kingship is dead. With him, I'd imagine the pact likewise crumbled."

When your entire life was focused on one goal to hear that the goal was dead left a very empty hollow feeling in your soul. Irrelevant did not begin to cover the feeling in the pit of your stomach.

"The direction of your tribe is on your shoulders. Leave the birds to infighting and carve your own path. Assert your leadership and knock sense into them. Pursue the pact with another spirit. I can not advise you, because these are not my choices to make."

Assert your leadership. It was an interesting statement really. How did one assert leadership over a group of people who already voiced the demand to change what was into something new because the world failed the first time around. She could always go fight with the brood that was fighting in the umbra somewhere but responsibility and honor demanded that wait until there was at least a caern for those that were here. They needed to be safe. Years of doing what was necessary was not going to change now. Someone had to hold onto their values or so she kept reminding herself.

Promises to fulfill. Promises to her father. Promise after promise kept her from going to Hope and asking to be placed back in cryo. If she took Dodolas words to heart and the direction of the tribe was on her shoulders....well that meant she was the only Silver Fang female breathing at the moment. She thought of Yvette, maybe it was better to leave her asleep for as long as possible. Was this how kin felt all their lives, merely entities to breed with so that the line would continue? Hearing those words over and over and now here she was in the same position. Maybe they could just harvest her eggs and incubate them in some machine, it had to be easier than giving up that final piece of herself to merely carry on lineage. The thought of it all made her sick, she owed the kin apologies even if they didnt know why she was apologizing.

This is what the world had become. Father was wrong and that was the most disturbing part of all of this. The project was the answer to everything, this is why they had donated so much money and time to its being built.

"Well daddy this is the world you insisted I be in, you dont get to be mad at me for doing what must be done now. Even if it means breaking my promises to you."
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