[PACK WANTED] Metis, Community, Rewriting

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[PACK WANTED] Metis, Community, Rewriting

Post by Tilden » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:42 pm

Tilden is looking for Pack. She will be vocal that she is seeking like-minded individuals to call family and work toward rebuilding the future. <3

Character Name: Tilden
Tribe, Breed, Auspice, Rank: Child of Gaia Metis Athro
Player Availability/Activity Level: ...I'd love to say i'm more active, but i'm kind of quiet. On average, I probably post every couple days. I try and make up for that in OOC communication/planning and thoughtful responses. I don't tag on my phone, so I wait until I have access to a computer.
Player Time Zone: Seattle, WA - PST
Type of Pack Preferred: Wisdom, Honor
What do you bring to a pack:
Are you seeking plot or social RP: Definitely both. I really love seeing how characters and relationships develop over the course of a game.
What do you most want to get involved in:
  • Metis Rights
  • Rewriting the Litany
  • Protecting those more vulnerable (kinfolk, lower ranking Garou)
  • Gardening (+ Farming)
What sort of plot is least appealing: I really value the emotional connection, dedication and loyalty which come as being part of a pack. I would love for the pack to become family and while i'd love for them to experience struggles and overcome challenges, I am definitely not looking for constant in-fighting. I'd much prefer for the pack members to work well together. I also know packing takes forever at the pace of threads, so I don't mind OOC conversations to expedite or plan/coordinate things. <3

No official pack yet, but I thought i'd also include some ideas that have been brewing...

Pack Name: None Yet! (Totem - considering Unicorn, Afallach... Patchwork Wolf?)
Current Pack Members and Roles:
  • Zedakh (alpha):
  • Uldakh (beta):
  • Taldakh (omega):
  • Other Members: Tilden + Kiran (Galliard + Ragabash)
Player Availability/Activity Levels: Post every couple days.
Type of Pack / Pack Purpose: Wisdom or Honor Pack / The most important aspect of the pack is the pack's purpose. Tilden has big dreams and believes with her every fiber in the dream and mission of the Agartha Project. She wants her pack's focus to be on rebuilding the heart of the community, while prioritizing and protecting those with less privilege and power (metis, kinfolk, lower ranking garou). Metis rights are very important to Tilden and she will be inclined to pack with other Metis. Part of granting more rights to those who don't have them is reworking the old tenets of the Litany.
What does your pack need:
  • Loving and open-minded individuals
  • Metis (or VERY Metis-friendly homids and lupus)
  • Philodox + Theurge
Are you seeking plot or social RP: Both! I love to look into plots, but character development and growth is my favorite. <3
What do you most want to get involved in:
  • Metis rights (reworking to Litany)
  • Awakening plant-spirits in Hydroponics, Caern Heart and Biospheres
  • Protecting vulnerable individuals (Metis, Kinfolk, Bone Gnawers, Low ranking Garou)
What sort of plot is off limits for you: Abuse against children and/or animals, Rape
Tilden ~ Mends the Rift
Athro Metis Child of Gaia Galliard | Rage 2 | PB 1
Charisma 5 (Confidant/Trustworthy) | Appearance 4 (Captivating) | Empathy 5 (Emotions)
Crafts 5 (Cooking/Sewing) | Performance 5 (Oratory/Howls) | Expression 4 (Motivational) | Stamina 5 (Enduring)
No nails/claws in any form | Understands all Languages | Spirit Heritage 1 (Patchwork Wolf)
Supporter | Reputation | Eidetic Memory | Docile | Ahimsa/Vegan | Arthritic | Bad Liar

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Re: [PACK WANTED] Metis, Community, Rewriting

Post by DDS » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:30 am

I feel like if DeeDee were to join a pack, this would be the one. It lines up with their values pretty well. However, they’re a little wary of letting people get too close, so they might need convincing.
Doctor DeeDee Sinclair, “Root of the Problem” They/He
Adren | Metis | Children of Gaia | Theurge

INT 5 Creative Engineering, PER 4 Details, WIT 4 Cool-Headed, CHA 4 Trustworthy, APP 3
Med 5 (Dentistry), Int 5, Sub 5, Alert 4, Emp 4, Rit 4
Calm Heart, Mechanical Aptitude, Phantom Mask (dentures), Silver Tongue
Metis Deformity: No Teeth, Charach
(HIDDEN) Compulsion (teeth collecting), Derangement: Sadism, Vengeance
OOC Triggers: Sexual Violence, Child Death/Abuse, Vehicular Death

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Re: [PACK WANTED] Metis, Community, Rewriting

Post by Lychnítis » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:44 pm

Lychnítis "Love Guides The Way"
Black Fury | Metis | Philodox | Athro | WP 4 | Rage 3
PB 2. SH 3 (Precious Gemstone Spirits)
App 4 (Perfect Cut), Char 4 (Irresistible), Man 4 (Mediator), Per 4 (Insightful), Int 4 (Savvy), Wits: 3 (Spontaneous)
Phantom Mask, Good Instincts, Mixed Morph, Ancestor Ally | Bad Liar

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Re: [PACK WANTED] Metis, Community, Rewriting

Post by CrazyTalk » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:47 pm

As stated before I am Interested.
Luke "Crazy Talk" Watkins
Homid, Ragabash, Shadow Lord
Manipulation 4 (Doubletalk), Appearance 4 (Dreamy),
Perception 4 (Small Details)
Crafts 4 (Auto Repair)
(Pure Breed 3) Accent: Southern California Surfer bro
Rage 1 Willpower 5
He/His Camp: Children of Crow
DIrection Sense Mechanical Apptitude Calm Heart
Aura of Confidence.

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Re: [PACK WANTED] Metis, Community, Rewriting

Post by Malone » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:41 pm

Mohsin Malone
(Silent Strider) Kinfolk

Str: 4 (carrying), Stamina 4 (tireless), Appearance 4,
Pure Breed 2, Spirit Heritage 2: Felines
Flaw: ward. nine year old child Diondre
Daredevil, Gall, Danger Sense

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