[DECEASED] Chandra Patel "Tempest's-Eye"

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[DECEASED] Chandra Patel "Tempest's-Eye"

Post by Tempest's-Eye » Mon Aug 26, 2019 9:37 am

DECEASED: viewtopic.php?p=156370

Name: Chandra Patel
Deed Name: Tempest's-Eye

Apparent Age: Late 20's
Height: 5'4"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Mahogany Brown
Eye Color: Brown (right), Pale blue-gray (left)

Breed: Homid
Tribe: Stargazer
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Athro
Pack: Conundrum

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics:
[Note: Pure Breed 4, Appearance 3, Charisma 3]
Chandra is an attractive twenty-something standing at roughly average height with an athletic build one might associate with a rock climber or hiker and richly tanned skin to match. Over her left eye is a vicious scar starting at just above her brow and ending at her jawline - the eye itself far paler than it's twin. She carries herself with the grace of a martial artist, or perhaps a dancer. Very neat and we'll kept appearance, favors simple clothes in light colors, and is quick to ditch her shoes given the chance.
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In her non-human forms, She has soft, cream colored fur that is sandy tan at the tips, looking to be a near perfect specimen of a Himalayan Wolf - her scars still very much present in all of them.

Obvious Merits & Flaws:
- While all Ahroun inspire their fellows, Chandra is truly fearless to the point of urging her pack and allies along with her. It's easier to face things at her side, somehow. (Infectious Courage)
- She doesn't even try to lie - she just can't manage to fool anyone. Just as well. (Bad Liar)
- Powerful a combatant as she may be, she truly prefers to ensure violence is needed before jumping into a fight. Gaia help whoever she's fighting if she gets to that point, though. (Reluctant Warrior)
- Seems to bunk away from others, as not to disturb them if she wakes up in a panic. (Nightmares)

Common Knowledge:
- Not local to the Southwest United States whatsoever, lived somewhere in India for most of her life.
- Exceptionally good self-control, for an Ahroun.
- Recently started seeing Aiden Porter. Things seemed to get serious fast with them.

10 Permanent Glory:
- Hunting down and killing Fomori on several occasions
- Lead a fight against a pack of Elder Vampires with no deaths.
- Destroyed a BSD Hive
- Preventing a Caern from being overrun by the wyrm
- Lead the successful rescue of several Kinfolk, and slew their captors
- Several rites of Boasting, including one before a battle with a Nexus crawler.
- Surviving incapacitating wounds in defense of Gaia against powerful will worker, who we successfully killed.
- Destroyed a Pentex owned research facility
- Faced a Legend on the mound and survived.
- Caern Building - combat defending others from a serious foe.

6 Permanent Honor:
- Prevented a Caern from being overrun on several occasions.
- Defense of the Veil following attacks by will workers against our Sept.
- Defending helpless Garou and kinfolk during times of need.
- Participated in a rite of Caern Building
- Supporting an innocent who was unjustly accused
- Defending an incapacitated ally

6 Permanent Wisdom:
- More riddle challenges than I can count, honestly. We follow Sphinx.
- Maintaining good relations with Kinfolk locally
- Mentoring other Garou
- Seeking out and learning Rites to carry past the Apocalypse.
- Participating in a rite of Caern Building.

Obvious Battle Scars
- Left eye does not match the right, thick scar going directly over it starting at her brow and ending at her jaw.
- Lichtenberg pattern centered on her back over the left side of her torso (usually covered by clothing unless she is wearing something that exposes her up her upper back), coming up over the left shoulder.
- Bullet wound - right shoulder
- Claw-rake scars over right thigh.

- Has never taken a mate, has no children.
- Killed three people during her first change.
- Gives excellent advice, is terrible at following any of it herself
- Turn-ons include Batman. Apparently.
- Waits until at least the third date to rent a u-haul.

Character Theme Song(s):
Les Friction - Louder Than Words
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Chandra Patel "Tempest's-Eye"
Athro Homid Stargazer Ahroun

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Re: Chandra Patel "Tempest's-Eye"

Post by Tempest's-Eye » Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:50 pm

Renown Updated.
Chandra Patel "Tempest's-Eye"
Athro Homid Stargazer Ahroun

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Re: [DECEASED] Chandra Patel "Tempest's-Eye"

Post by Tempest's-Eye » Tue Oct 01, 2019 4:13 pm

Chandra fell in defense of the bunker in the Environmental Control sector on 10/1.

(CW: Blood, Death, Body horror

Chandra Patel "Tempest's-Eye"
Athro Homid Stargazer Ahroun

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