Pack Wanted: Balanced

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Pack Wanted: Balanced

Post by Emmett Winthrop » Sun Sep 22, 2019 9:18 pm

Character Name: Emmett Winthrop, Seeks the Current
Tribe, Breed, Auspice, Rank: Uktena, Homid, Theurge, Adren
Player Availability/Activity Level: Usually weeknights and weekends. Sporadically available during the weekdays.
Player Time Zone: Pacific
Type of Pack Preferred: Balanced, prefer one of each auspice (and maybe a kinfolk?)
What do you bring to a pack: Science, Medicine, Theurge Magic, and lots of Ancestral stuff.
Are you seeking plot or social RP: Either and/or both.
What do you most want to get involved in: Not as much for the deep Umbral travel outside things relevant to the Pure Tribes
What sort of plot is least appealing: I am down for most anything, but Emmett is not a fighter/combat person.
Emmett Winthrop, "Seeks the Current"
Garou Genome Project Scientist
Adren, Homid, Uktena, Theurge
Pure Breed: 3, Spirit Heritage (Snake): 1
Intelligence 5 (Pattern Recognition), Wits 5 (Cunning), Manipulation 5 (Distraction)
Medicine 5 (Fertility, Garou Physiology), Science 5 (Genomics, Cloning)
Noticeable Merits: Camp: Web Walkers, Sage

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