Ties with a n'awlins street magician?

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Ties with a n'awlins street magician?

Post by Suz » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:24 am

Suz needs ties!

She's 22 in November.

She and her twin brother, Lex, were orphaned when their first responder parents died in a building collapse during Hurricane Katrina and the mortal foster system took over. Their ties to their home Sept were tense / wobbly - around age 16 they were emancipated as minors.

She made money as a street magician, and is an absolute shameless flirt. She also was occasionally hired for bouts of larceny, but she mostly stuck to busking and charming people out of their money, and frequently their pants.

If you've been to New Orleans or were the sort to follow viral YouTube videos, maybe you saw her that time she sweet talked her way onstage and opened for Criss Angel who had not actually asked her to be there nor did anyone else, and yet there she was, and she did an entire performance while evading security which most people assumed was part of the act?

She's not been the settling down type at all, but maybe you had a past fling, or one night stand? She's all about that ethical sluttery.

Maybe she beat you in a game of poker where you're pretty sure she cheated but can't prove it?

Pitch me your ideas!
Suz Boudreaux
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