Thank you all <3

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Thank you all <3

Post by Noah » Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:05 pm

Hello all, My name is Trevor, I played Noah, I am the roommate of Symphany, and I had a blast RPing with all of you. I hope to RP with a lot of you in the future and Have a good time

Tilden - Thank you I'm sad I had to cut out characters time short. I was looking forward to packing with you
Kat - I think I would have really liked you as a REP
All of my Metis - I will miss you <3
Dickson - Thank you for putting up with the Addicted Metis's BS, and Assumptions <3

Noah was a member of the Lazarus Movement a Movement of Metis Extremests. and was willing to kill to get someone dealt with if they posed a threat to the rights of the Metis.

Only left Crinos once in all of the scenes I was in and it was to shift to Hispo, This was choice not flaw :)

If you have any questions hit my up on Discord I will be happy to answer <3
Noah "Laz" Walker of Ash and Rebirth
Child of Gaia, Ragabash, Metis
Charisma: 4 (Intense), Appearance 1 (Scaled)
Rage 7 Speaks Primarily in Garou Tounge

Content warnings for this character:
Angry, Yelling, Addiction, Trauma, Depression, Anexity, Confrontational, Confronting Traditions.

Please Be Wary of the following: Graphic Deception of Injury, especially Legs.

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