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Mood & Themes

Postby The Mists » Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:48 pm

Mood: Pacific Northwest Mysticism
Newberry Glen is a game about lingering horror behind comfort and complacency. This is the stuff of the stories of Sasquatch and Wendigo, of haunted lonely roads, but also the small town sensation of hearth and home. With only two roads in and out of the small seaside town, there's a combined sense of isolation and home. It may be you against the world, but it's you and your family, too.

- Family
- Complacency
- Self-Discovery
- Isolation
- Sins of the past
- Secrets
- Hidden in the Mist
- Loyalty
- Moral ambiguity
- Sacrifice
- Digging up the past

- Life is Strange (video game)
- Welcome to Night Vale (Podcast)
- Gravity Falls
- Twin Peaks
- Twilight Zone
- Supernatural
- Pottersville
- These comics
- If you say Twilight, Imma punch you in the mouf

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