Collaborative Storytelling

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Collaborative Storytelling

Postby The Mists » Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:45 am

Ask anyone who's played in any of my games, and the biggest flaw with my STing is the same: burnout.

Staff exists to create a consistent world and ambience, and to carry the threads and themes of the narrative through all the plots. We'll be handling character approval, downtime, important spirits, etc, but I've created this world to share it with you. So...

Collaborative Storytelling
Any player is welcome to run approved plots for our game. This should help keep people engaged if staff becomes busy. While these plots will be small in scale, it means that your pack can stay active and accomplished. People who take on the task of running side plots will be our Totems.

What Totems Can Do:
- register an account named after a spirit/totem for narrator purposes
- run personal plots (with permission/upon request)
- run monsters of the week
- run human/kin NPCs
- run spirits (jagglings and below), fomori and minor antagonists
- run a pack's totem (upon request/not their pack)
- develop part of the surrounding area to run with the ST and handle all scenes in the region
- roll combat/frenzy (outside of PvP)

What Totems Can't Do:
- ANYTHING that directly impacts/involves the totem's PC
- supernaturals without consulting staff
- access character forums/sheets

Submitting Plot
PM/IM/FB the ST with your idea for a plot. I'll work with you to ensure it fits in with our setting, without tipping the hand of the larger plots in play. There's a very good chance I'll let you run some heavier/bigger things, we just need to communicate to ensure nothing needs to be redlined. For instance, if there's a Tremere Prince, he'd want garou brought back alive instead of hunted by the scourge. If we're running with a Medusa plot higher up, it'll impact how Pegasus' brood interacts with people.

Make sure your submission details:
- what you're running
- duration of story (one encounter or story arc)
- where it's happening
- scale of difficulty
- why you want to run it
- worst and best case scenario outcomes

If it needs tweaking, or just won't work, I'll let you know. Otherwise, I'm excited to see what you guys come up with!

In gratitude for their hard work and acknowledgment of how much time this can take, Totems will be guaranteed the 5 Literary XP that can be earned each month on both PCs.

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