Introduction to Newberry Glen

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Introduction to Newberry Glen

Postby The Mists » Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:40 pm

In Character

Newberry Glen is a fictional town with a population under 2,000 people just off of US 101 in the Redwood Forests of California. Formerly a bustling tourist attraction, Newberry Glen was known for its immaculately preserved Victorian architecture, prestigious arts and sciences boarding school and for a quaint boardwalk with chic boutiques, and a massive redwood grove just to the south. The tourism has since subsided significantly, and good portions of the town are largely abandoned. While Walton Academy has continued to flourish, the remnants of Newberry Glen have turned into more of a hipster college town than anything else.

In the redwoods to the south is the Sept of the Lost Coast, a tremendously small and insignificant caern centered around a massive redwood tree and nearby abandoned summer camp. Due to the unimportance of this minor caern, its population has whittled down to a single pack, and that pack seems to be trying something new.

Through howls and electronic means, word was sent out at the end of the summer of 2017 requesting aid in revitalizing and strengthening the small caern and sept totem and turning it into something bigger. While it's nothing dire, it's a good opportunity for young garou to find their way and make a name for themselves. The sept seems to be in no immediate danger, but the Second Wind pack is resolved to give the Sept of the Lost Coast a breath of fresh air.

Out of Character

Newberry Glen is my attempt at a very relaxed game. The emphasis of this game will be on PC growth, PC stories and slice of life interaction. It is intended very much as a vacation from stress, and a secondary game for most.

To this effect:
  • Collaborative Storytelling - If you want to try your hand at running plots/narrating, THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT. And if you want to do things with staff, you don't need just me!
  • Player-Driven Plot Pacing - There will be as much plot as you chase. No more, no less. If y'all turn voracious, then I guess eldritch horrors abound, but if you want to hang out and rebuild a forgotten tourist town, go for it!
  • Dice Light Game - My ST style is usually pretty narrative, with stats taken into consideration, but without everything rolled to the last twitch. As with the above, though, if you want a number crunchy mass combat (or want to run one), we can work that in.
  • Drama Light Game - No, there's no way I can guarantee this at all. But I DO strongly encourage keeping this game IN CHARACTER. I don't have a FB group for the game, and no player is under any obligation to interact OOC with others (except me, I'm your ST) if they don't want to. When the inevitability of drama/stress happens, though, I will do my best to mediate it. I'll give it the ol' college try, and if the drama/stress remains too much, look at whether or not this is still fun for you. I won't take it personally if you step away; I want you to do what's fun for you. If this doesn't turn out to be that, I'm sorry, and I did my best. <3
  • Pacing - I'm intending this to be a slower paced game. If I do too much at once, my creativity saps pretty quick, so there may be days when I'm not on because I'm replenishing brain juice. If you need me, poke me. And in return, I don't expect you to be on insanely often either. And if we need you in a thread, I'll poke you. If you don't wanna post that day? Lemme know the general intent and I can make sure you aren't holding up the scene and can return with no stress.
  • HAVE. FUN. - Okay but seriously. Have fun.

Now what can you play? Largely what you want. Please don't make anything too crazy, though. In the vein of the above, I'd rather not deal with nonstandard tribes/mechanics/etc., and keep the game simple and fun. If I ask you to play something else, don't take it as an insult to the character, just a request to keep things easy on me.

I'm allowing kinfolk, cubs, cliath and fostern PCs to start. Kinfolk can start as residents in the town, cubs get the attention of the denmother and flexible forward momentum, cliath will get the first shot at all plot hooks, and fostern get more starting points (but a cap on merits). So perks all around.

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