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Personal Plot

Postby The Mists » Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:56 am

Something I try to do is to make sure that every player gets the attention of personal plot for their PC. I try to keep an up-to-date listing of personal plot ideas for all my Totems to peruse to provide stories, but with a consistent influx of new PCs and a steady turnover, it's hard to brainstorm.

SO. Help me help you.

Start up a "Personal Plot" thread in your character forums, and I'll start consolidating and sharing requests (when I can).

You'll use this thread to give me, the ST, a general sense of what stories you'd like for character growth. Nothing you submit is guaranteed to be used, and you cannot dictate the entire story (just the pitch), but it will help us figure out how to give you the best stories.

Since Totems don't have access to your character forums, I'll give them a list of the Plot Premises to choose from to run, and if they select one, I'll send them what you've submitted for that plot.

So in your Personal Plot thread, please detail the following

Plot Premise: (Keep this as a 5-words-or-less pitch, like "jilted lover" or "haunted by ancestors", which will be shown to Totems looking for plots to run)
Level of Importance: (Put this on a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 being "not needed, but it would be neat," 3 as "an important developmental story that would help my character" and 5 as "my concept or fun revolves around this")
Pitch: (Details on what you'd like to show up in Newberry Glen. Don't outline the entire story, but disclose your general hopes for the kind of plot)
History: (Background context we'd need to know in running the story)
Dramatis Personae (If this involves NPCs or entities from your backstory, use this to describe as much of them as you'd like. Anything not detailed here will be left to staff discretion)
Desired Outcome: (What you're hoping your PC gains from this story: closure, vengeance, maturity, etc. This is NOT how you want the story to end, but rather what you're hoping your character gains from the experience)

Plot Premise: Parentage
Level of Importance: 2
Pitch: Scamp never knew her parents, so it would be interesting to find out who they are, especially with Blaze's official adoption. No preference as to how this enters play.
History: Scamp's earliest memories are foraging for food in the wilderness near San Diego maybe 10 years ago. I've established that the local sept didn't know about her, so her parents were either not members, or hid the secret of it well.
Dramatis Personae Left up to STs. Would prefer not Bone Gnawers or Red Talons.
Desired Outcome: Closure. Righteous indignation of crimes committed against her and resolution to allow her to embrace Blaze as her better-dad

Use the template here:

Code: Select all

[b]Plot Premise:[/b]
[b]Level of Importance:[/b]
[b]Dramatis Personae[/b]
[b]Desired Outcome:[/b]

If you submit a personal plot request in November, you can have an additional 2 XP for this month. You should continue to submit these throughout the game, but I'm adding an incentive for this month to get the ball rolling.

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