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Things that will be available as part of the storyline for the WHOLE GAME (not just the packs originally assigned to them) in the future are highlighted in green.

I'll be closing out Mists' outstanding threads today after lunch and a meeting. Most of them were related to this, so we should be able to have a relatively clean slate after that.

1. Research Shok-Sthola/thresholds.
  • Researching Shok-Sthola will be a long term, chase-it-when-you-feel-like-it thing. There's no time limit past which this plot will blow up. When the interest in having it blow up is there, we'll run it.

  • Short term, what you need to know is that Shok-Sthola's prison--made using the Rite of Leaves--is weakening, and the leaking of his Wyld energies into the world is what caused the Wyld threshold.

  • Shok-Sthola is part of a trinity of Wyld horrors; the other two are named Klamath and Xexhus. The three are great dream-fueled Wyld entities whose slumbering power gave birth to the mutation that made the sequoias so tall.
  • We'll be dealing with an assault on the Wyld threshold as a literary, and then the Time of War will be lifted. Please PM me a summary of what your character (or your pack) would be doing during the assault by March 14th, and I will work on writing the literary with the Warder. If I don't hear from you, I'll be deciding for you based on your input to Trent at the moot where he asked everyone what their combat abilities were.
  • Spirit Tracker will be engaging in frontline combat with sword and shield. He'll bring several Weaver spirits with him to try to contain the Wyld during the fight.

  • Tommy will be protecting the healers in the back when necessary, ferrying injured and fallen Garou back to them, and fighting with his staff.

  • Mama Cass will be buffing and debuffing with Galliard gifts, defending injured and fallen Garou with her staff, and healing.

  • Poker Face will be engaging in stealth, ranged combat using guns and dropping Shroud where it would be helpful.
I will be rolling chance dice to determine who Rages On/gets battle scars. If anybody would like to have their character die so as to write them out of game, please let me know. Faster-than-Dawn will be going down in this fight to explain the character's retirement.

2. Find the Rite of Leaves
  • The Rite of Leaves was, as per the story that has been told around the sept, last used decades ago to bind Shok-Sthola. It was taught to the Sept of the Lost Coast by a sept in Rhode Island; re-learning the rite will probably involve a trip out there.

  • The original rite/binding appears to be weakening, and it is the leaking of Shok-Sthola's energy from its prison that caused the Wyld threshold.

  • The rite calls upon the Weaver to bind the Wyld to its will. The casting of the rite is immensely dangerous, as it rouses the attention of the Wyld and Weaver alike

  • The last time the rite was cast, allies from nearby septs were called to help. Many died, and the entire town was evacuated, but the rite was performed successfully.

  • A test run of the rite was performed before the battle against Shok-Sthola, somewhere in the town itself. [Hint hint, the location has come up recently in game]

  • While the Wyld threshold has been destroyed, it will return and the Wyld taint near the sept will continue to spread unless a new rite can be cast. This will likely involve aid from other septs and be a long term project.
3. Investigate Wyld cult
  • The cult is called the Church of the Restless Mother. It has existed in Newberry before, and an older incarnation appears to have been tied to the ritual sacrifices seen in Beckoned and From the Past.

  • Membership is small, but all members appear to be kinfolk (mostly Black Fury and Uktena, with some others).

  • The cult has been poking around certain areas of the town and surrounding environs as though in search of something specific. Each of these locations is heavily Wyld tainted and glows red in the Shadowlands. Some of them appear to be host to warped, enraged ghosts that lash out at anyone who disturbs the area.

  • Whatever the cult has been looking for, they appear to be having trouble finding it.
4. Map out threshold
  • Completed successfully by Wings of Glory, and given to the Warder for use in planning the assault on the threshold, which will be written as a literary.
5. Arrange spiritual aid for an offense
  • Completed successfully by House on Fire, and given to the Warder for use in planning the assault on the threshold, which will be written as a literary.
6. Train non-combatant garou for war
  • A scene was run for this by Quiet Rage, and we are handwaving additional training having taken place 'off screen'. The pack will be included in the literary being written about the assault on the Threshold; Faster-than-Dawn (retired) will go down in that fight. Most of this pack has either retired or is MIA; player base is requested to have a little selective amnesia about them until we hear from Botulf and Austin about whether they're coming back or not.
7. Stockpile supplies/arsenal for war
  • Handled by Second Wind.

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