Staffing, NPC Changes/Updates, and Direction of Game

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Staffing, NPC Changes/Updates, and Direction of Game

Postby The Medusae » Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:19 pm

More real talk time, kids.

As stated previously, over the past several weeks, real life has eaten almost all of the staff members who aren't me. This means that, for the foreseeable future, I will be handling everything related to game - NPCs, downtimes, plot, renown, XP spends, genre enforcement, all of it.

I chatted with Mists today, and unfortunately, she still isn't sure when she'll be able to come back. As such, and with her blessing, I am going to proceed with a couple of things that will help me stay organized and steer the game a little more proactively:

  • Trent will be going off on his Elder Challenge. While, as you all know, he never leaves Newberry, Elders are intended to be engaged in tribal politics and Garou politics as a whole at the national and even international level. While Glass Walkers can usually do this remotely, even they need to log face time sometimes, and any Elder with two brain cells to spare will realize it's time to make him do that. So, his challenge will remove him from play for a while.

    Please note that Trent's absence will not change how the Litany is interpreted at this sept. For those of you who didn't read the January moot thread where Lost Coast's interpretation of the various tenants was discussed, I've compiled and posted the whole thing in the Public Knowledge forum and placed a link to it in Staff Announcements under Genre & Setting.

  • In Trent's absence, Rose will be stepping up to be a significantly more active alpha. While I'd like to emphasize that she was ALWAYS been around (all you need to do is request a scene if you want her), it is true that her leadership style (like many Children of Gaia) is NOT top-down. Instead, she places faith in the PCs to be competent at their jobs and make decisions about how to defend and maintain their home. In a game that was intended to be player driven, this approach makes sense. However, there's been some feedback that this approach has left people floundering a little, hence the adjustment. In that vein, you'll see some announcements shortly from Rose regarding the future direction of certain metaplots.

  • For the next few weeks/months, I will be focusing on responding to people's personal plot want ads rather than on metaplot. As per the Plot Summaries post in the ST Announcements section, several bits of the metaplot are being kept around for long term use, but in the immediate, I'm going to ask that people leave those alone and focus on social RP, monster of the week, and personal plot. Please remember that you can run personal plot for each other. I would, in fact, encourage you to do so since I can only run so many things at once.
I have made a public post showing the current want ads I have on file. I will be using this post to track whose personal plots are currently underway. You will also be able to reference this post to see where in the queue you fall/when your plot will be coming up.

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