Sept Housing List

Set up outside the main cabins, this is a go-to source for information.
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Sept Housing List

Postby The Medusae » Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:49 am

Sept/Caern Housing List

On Sept

Buckwheat House
  • Bridge Mender (Deirdre Connelly)
Elderberry House
  • Drops the Bass (Max Walton)
  • Kindles the Heart (Rose Conners)
  • The Last Word (Trent Walton)
  • Pipe Dream (Blaze)
  • Scamp
Iris House
  • Seras Summers*
  • Eye-in-the-Sky (Namir Rona)
Sorrel House
  • Red-Desert’s Flame (Ava)
  • Watcher from Behind the Mirror (Saffron Westwood)
  • Weighs the Heart (Tyler)

Newberry Glen

420 Main Street (Apartment Upstairs)
  • Zaria Brooks*
The Aerie
  • Winter's End (Paxton Cromwell)
  • Eyes of Night (Estelle Cromwell)
  • Second Guesses (Alexandra Detrich)
The Artemis (Private Yacht)
  • Reese Dunlow*
Anna Walton's Residence
  • Anna Walton*
Beringer Cabin
  • Jack Beringer*
Billery's Bar (Apartment Upstairs)
  • Bix Billery*
  • Bob Johnson*
Cobalt Residence
  • Five Nines (Sin Cobalt)
Dockmaster's House
  • Drew Gallanis*
Kendrovich Residence
  • Soothsayer* (Dimitri Kendrovich)
Kershaw Residence
  • Scout Kershaw*
Kiev Residence
  • Baz Kiev*
  • Lorelei James*
  • Avery James***
Krahenbuhl Residence
  • Katerina Krahenbuhl*
  • Velvet Glove (Isolde Krahenbuhl)
Newberry Glen Terrace
  • Doctor Sean Hogan*
Newberry Village Apartments
  • Bitter Reminder (Artyom Mirga)
  • Ryan Diaz*
Nunez Residence
  • Mitch Nunez*
    Poker Face (Guillermo Nunez)
Redwood Inn Bed and Breakfast
  • Scottie Schneider*
Something Sweet (Apartment Upstairs)
  • Mama Cass (Cassandra Summers)
Sudz Laundromat (under the dryer exhaust)
  • E-Tool (Austin Mills)
Volkov Residence
  • Contact High (Codi Cohen)
  • Sings of Tales (Heidi Finn)
The Watchtower
  • Spirit of the Law (Penny Waters)
  • Cause of Death (Sydney Fairweather)
  • Budding Enlightenment (Tommy Marin)
  • Dances in the Streets (Yuki "Snow" Takayama)
  • Noah Waters*
Walton Academy
  • Madison Gardner*
Yore Store (Apartment Upstairs)
  • Flex Form (Carlos Hernandez)

Multiple Locations

  • Helios' Bloody Smile (Danworth Harington) - Splits time 50/50 between Anna Walton's house and Sorrel House.
  • Spirit Tracker (Gary Volkov) - Splits time between Cedar Hall (the forge), the Kiev residence, and his home on the outskirts of town.
  • Bonnie Chambers* - Sublets a studio on Pinewood Street but spends most nights at the Aerie.
  • Wyld Chorus (Chroma) - Varies every day/night.

*denotes kinfolk
**young children on premises; please approach with caution

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