Mitch Things

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Mitch Nunez
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Mitch Things

Postby Mitch Nunez » Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:18 am

Beginning on October 9th, Mitch is sporting a cut lip and some torn up knuckles, clearly from a fight. Healing probably takes about ten days.

From October 12th on, for about a week, there are noticeable traces of glitter stuck in her hair.
Michelle "Mitch" Núñez
Homid | Uktena Kinfolk | Pure Breed 2
Appearance 3 | Charisma 4 (Magnetic) | Dexterity 4 (Precision) | Stamina 4 (Unbreakable)
Drive 5 (High Speeds, Stunts) | Stealth 4 (Stalking) | Performance 3 (Rap) | Crafts 3 (Carpentry/Woodworking)
Languages: English, Spanish
Merits: Common Sense, Concentration

Mitch's scar from Mouse is behind her left ear.

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