Howl: Keeper of the Land Challenge!

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Howl: Keeper of the Land Challenge!

Postby Ava » Tue Mar 27, 2018 4:25 pm

Ava wrote:Ava arrived to the challenge stump in lupus, considering the implication of her own actions. She recalled many months past when Jack, one of the sept's Keepers, arrived to lay claim to Blaze's position. The Gnawer metis had arrived wearing a sullen expression and Scamp seemed more than a little protective of her father-figure. There was the sense of tension during the challenge, as though Jack spoke ill of the metis through his challenge.

The wolf-born shifted where she sat, hoping that her own voice would properly convey what it was that she wanted to say.

Throwing her muzzle back, she released a heartfelt call to the members of her sept.

<WS>Red-Desert's Flame challenges her mentor and friend, Pipe Dreams, for the position of Keeper of the Land!<WS>

Blaze was, precisely that to Ava. He had taught her how to craft totem poles, how to care for the spirits of the sept and to properly give chimminage. Though she was a ragabash, rather than a theurge, she felt such a deep connection to the land that she believed herself capable of performing the task. Hanging at her neck was the small pouch she carried with all of her ritual and chimminage components.

Ava "Red-Desert's Flame"
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