September Shout Outs!

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Re: September Shout Outs!

Postby Ava » Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:37 pm

Man, I have been so bad about shout outs this month! I have had a blast with every single person i've played with so far.

Huge shout out to Saffron and Dances, our two newest packmates. I've really enjoyed the dynamic between all of our characters. I'm glad that we have Dances to lighten the mood because poor Tyler and Saffron make my heart so sad. 3 Striders in the same pack.... that's good luck, right? Haha.

I've also really enjoyed both of Ava's encounters with kinfolk so far. Seraphine is quickly becoming a favorite of Ava's. Introducing a lupus to weed... haha. That scene has infinite potential. The scene with Drew has also been pretty adorable. Luring all the wolves with delicious bbq-noms. Ava's also real awkward and has developed a habit of telling people how they smell...

And can we really thank our wonderful ST enough for this beautiful and awesome game that she's been running? I am chewing at my nails during the Confusion Hill scene. OH MAN. When I saw the image of the spirit my first thought was...

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Re: September Shout Outs!

Postby Kezia Mirga » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:03 pm

Is there a fuck you shoutout for Ulrik for calling Kezia Justin Bieber? Because he needs one.
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