Looking for Galliards!

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Looking for Galliards!

Postby Paxton » Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:32 pm

Paxton is interested in meeting the other Galliard's of the sept! Especially those who have anything to say about the Wyld Threshold. Anyone want a scene?
Paxton Victor Alexander Cromwell
Known as Winter's End to the Spirits and Nation
Homid - Silver Fang - Galliard

Alpha of the Wings of Glory Pack
Rage 4
Strength 4: Strength Reserves - Stamina 4: Unbreakable - Appearance 4: Prince Charming - Charisma 5: Charming, Confident - Leadership 7: Combat Ready - Expression 4: Conversational - Etiquette 4: High Society - Performance 4: Oration
Pure Breed 5 - Notable Heritage: Cromwell
Mark of the Predator
"If they tell my story I am either going to die on the battlefield in Glory or rise up."

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