Snow’s Rite of Passage

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Snow’s Rite of Passage

Postby Snow » Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:47 am

“My name is Snow, but my deed name is Dances in the Streets. How I earned that name is pretty straightforward, really.

I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota before I came here. Much colder, snowier winters. Well, the other cubs and I who were ready for our Rite of Passage, our Den Parent decided to do have it in the middle of January. If you don’t know Minnesota in January, you’re probably better off.

We were tasked with destroying a nest of Fomori in an otherwise abandoned building. Problem was, cops were patrolling the area, and the gauntlet was pretty hairy because it was the middle of the city. We’d have to go in physical side, and we had to do it without getting caught.

So, my cub pack needed someone to distract the police while they busted into that nest of Fomori, yeah? I took the task very seriously. Middle of January, remember, I stripped down buck naked and started dancing in the middle of the street. Freezing my bits off. Well, that was distracting, all right. Police were all over me, chased my bare ass halfway across the city before I gave them the slip. I’m small but I’m fast. I managed to find a safe spot to cross Spirit-side so I could circle back and find my clothes where I’d stashed them.

Got back to the pack and they’d done the thing already, so we headed back to the sept and got our deed names and such. Everyone had a good laugh at the story. Rat was hella pleased and scooped me up right away, no surprise.

And then my face showed up on the Wanted alerts. Now, we had some Glass Walkers that could’ve maybe done something about that, but that took time and resources they frankly didn’t wanna waste on me. Especially when leeches had control of a good chunk of the Minneapolis police force, and I had a too conspicuous face to hide out very easily on the streets, even bundled up for winter.

So the alpha said to skedaddle, and I wandered for a few months before I came here. True story, no actors.”

((This is expanded from the story told in previous posts so I hope it counts!))
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Yuki Takayama (he/him/his)
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