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Sebastian “Baz” Kiev

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Name: Sebastian “Baz” Kiev

Apparent Age: 27
Height: 5’8”
Build: Lean and lanky
Hair Color: blond
Eye Color: blue

Breed: human kinfolk
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Would-be Auspice: Ahroun

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics:
Baz looks like a fairly average, skinny white guy with an affably pleasant face, toothy smile, and a good haircut. He has been on hormones for five years now and has had top surgery, so for the most part he passes as male without raising any eyebrows. To those with strong noses, his scent is distinctly masculine, unperfumed and subtle, though there’s a confusing hint of residual female scent as well. Otherwise he smells like leather, coffee, and the strong, wild smell of multiple wolves (as he works around them all day).

Obvious Merits/Flaws: Gall, Barren/Sterile, Ward

Common Knowledge:
Baz is Silver Fang kin of good breeding, with several notable Garou in his family, including his Lupus-born father who mated with a human kinfolk. His younger sister changed and made it to Cliath rank before she was killed.

Due to his transition, and refusing to be bred, he is estranged from his immediate family and is pretty chilly towards most Silver Fangs on principle. He will outright shout down a Silver Fang Elder if they try to “put him in his place” or start spouting bigotry and backwards tradition. He doesn’t take shit from any Garou or other Kin, though he’s found more acceptance and friendship at the Sept of Lost Coast than he did at Redwoods.

Baz works at the Redwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Wolf Sanctuary, which is located on a nature reserve halfway between the Sept of the Redwoods and the Sept of Lost Coast. He is a licensed and practicing veterinarian who mainly works with wildlife, especially wolves.

He builds bird and bat houses in his spare time. His house is located on the edge of town, surrounded by forest.

  • Baz is not trans, just a woman trying to piss off her family and avoid breeding because she’s ungrateful and dishonorable and what even is a trans???
  • Baz’ sister fell to the Wyrm and had to be killed by her own father, who covered up the incident and claimed she was killed by a BSD
  • Baz’ “real” name is Amanda (but you’ll piss him off if you call him that to his face)
  • Baz prefers wolves to humans for company
  • Baz is a closet furry

Character Theme Song(s):
Sebastian “Baz” Kiev
(He/him/his) Silver Fang Kinfolk • Pure Breed 4
Barren/Sterile | Ward | Gall
Animal Ken (wolves) 4 • Medicine (veterinary) 4
App 3 • Int 4 (Knowledgeable)
”Animals should be rewarded for not being people.”

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