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Ryan Diaz

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Name: Ryan Diaz

Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Height: 5'9"
Build: Medium
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Breed: Homid
Tribe: Uktena

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics: Ryan generally sports his hair unkempt but clean, and sports about a day's worth of stubble most of the time. He's a bit shorter than average, but carries himself in a way that he doesn't seem nearly as short as he is. He's smiling, confident, cheerful, and also a little tired.

Obvious Merits/Flaws: None. He is perfectly average in every way. Definitely.

Common Knowledge: Mr. Diaz is a teacher at Walton Academy, teaching English 101, 102, English Composition, Creative Writing, and an experimental class on deconstruction of historical fiction and comparative analysis of modern fiction under that lens - he calls it "Reading the Old and the New". He he most certainly not the only English and Writing teacher at the academy, but he tends to be very popular with the kids, with lectures full of class participation, magic tricks, open-ended questions, and direct engagement with his students. In short, if Walton Academy was a public school in an area this small, there would be a (web-distributed, IndieGoGo-funded) movie about his teaching style inspiring kids to better themselves. Here, at a prestigious, creative-focused school, he's just a decent teacher.

  • Diaz is a formerly important clan here that is distantly connected to other major families in town.
  • Mr. Diaz isn't actually from here at all, and is actually in witness protection.
  • No, Mr. Diaz is secretly a major author, who's living here and writing under a pseudonym!
  • That joke of a teacher is a washed-up huckster from the big city who's relying on razzle-dazzle and not substance to educate our kids!
  • He's some crazy person obsessed with some fictional character he made up years ago.

Character Theme Song(s):
Ryan Diaz
PB: 1 (Uktena) | Charisma 4 (Inspiring) | Appearance 3
English Teacher at Walton Academy | He/Him

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