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Trent Walton

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Name: Trent Walton
Deed Name: The Last Word

Apparent Age: Early 30s
Height: 6'3"
Build: Greek God
Hair Color: Dark blonde
Eye Color: Blue/Green

Breed: Homid
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Camp: Corporate Wolves
Auspice: Philodox
Rank: Athro
Pack: Second Wind

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics:
    You know those guys who are infuriatingly attractive and know it? That's Trent. Whether or not he's your style, he's objectively stunning. Ripped, chiseled, carried with immaculate poise and confidence, and wholly unconcerned for the opinions of others. He dresses to the 9s at all times, and is exceptionally well-spoken and self-assured. The man seems without fault. Well, physically.

Obvious Merits/Flaws:
    Notable Heritage (Waltons), Reputation (Richest Guy in Town), Irresistable

Common Knowledge:
    When you see the name 'Walton' everywhere you turn in Newberry Glen, Trent is that Walton. The loft on top of the Walton Building is his office, and he owns the land of Camp Walton (and a bunch of other stuff, honestly). It's rumored that there is nothing he can't get for the sept if needed. When Rose took alpha of the sept, Trent stepped up into Beta to support her, and keeps an eye on his younger sister Max to make sure she doesn't go too far out of line. Trent is, simply, the entity that makes everything the sept does possible in the physical world. He's the grandson of the Walton Matriarch, Emily Walton.

  • Glory (Generous) - Restorations of Camp Walton and sept efforts.
  • Glory (Valorous) - Once Saved a kin from a burning building and looked flawless doing it.
  • Honor (Respectful) - Defers to a lesser ranking garou regularly over a position he could easily take in respect of her efforts.
  • Honor (Loyal) - Denied numerous opportunities to travel abroad to take care of his pack.
  • Honor (Just) - Fairly judged the challenge between the previous and current Master of the Challenge.
  • Honor (Lives By His Word) - Swore to uphold the family tradition, name and industries, and has committed his life to it.
  • Honor (Accept All Fair Challenges) - Honorably schooled the previous Master of the Challenge.
  • Honor (Just) - Fairly administered a Rite of Satire as Truth Catcher.
  • Honor (Just) - Mediated a property dispute between two kin.
  • Honor (Loyal) - Made known a coup attempt against Rose in her early days as alpha that sought to promote him.
  • Wisdom (Calm) - Packed with his sister. 'Nuff said, over the years.
  • Wisdom (Prudent) - The sept's most level head and proverbial quartermaster.
  • Wisdom (Innovative) - Spearheaded gutting and rebuilding the dorms from the ground up.
  • Wisdom (Merciful) - Allowed a shamed garou to leave gracefully when they showed true penitence.

  • A drone.
  • Has like a weird thing about Max and Rose that borders on creepy. A little too much for an older brother.
  • Literally owns Newberry Glen and the sept.
  • Secretly evil.
  • Openly evil.
  • Will bang anyone who can post a decent selfie online.
  • Alcoholic.
  • Sleeps with his own staff.

Character Theme Song(s):
Trent "The Last Word" Walton
Sept Beta, Truthcatcher
Athro Glass Walker Homid Philodox
Appearance 5 (Objectively Attractive/Irresistible), Charisma 5 (Authoritative/Terrifying)
Rage 3, Reputation (Richest Guy in Town), Irresistible
No Pure Breed


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