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Name: Rose Conners
Deed Name: Kindles the Heart

Apparent Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Build: Soft and shapely
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown/hazel

Breed: Homid
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Camp: N/A
Auspice: Galliard
Rank: Adren
Pack: Second Wind

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics:
    Everything about Rose is warm and inviting. Her skin is dark enough to be ambiguously ethnic, and her rich brown eyes are warm and soft. The alpha's intrinsic rage comes across as a vehement passion more than anger. Her hair falls in wild curls (nearly dreads at this point) that she generally keeps bound in a headwrap of some sort. She's almost always smiling, and has the ability to make every conversation with someone make them feel like they're the only thing that matters in the world in that moment. Where her best friend Max seems young for her age, Rose is an old soul.

Obvious Merits/Flaws:
    Approachable, Supporter

Common Knowledge:
    Rose grew up best friends with Max, often looked over by Max's big brother Trent. She changed when she was only 12, and was an exceptionally skilled garou (though awfully non-violent). She rose through the ranks quickly, and once Max also wound up cliath, she dragged Max and Trent into a pack under Fog to seek the secrets of the sept. The sept alpha throughout this ended up stepping away and leaving a power vacuum, and in the ensuing mad dash for power and vitriolic clashing of the sept members, they came to the consensus that the only person they would all follow without complaint was Rose (who hadn't even volunteered for it). So Rose became Kindles the Heart, alpha of the sept, and led to the best of her ability. Trent swiftly stepped into Sept Beta to support her, and since then Rose's heart and soul has gone into strengthening the sept, town and totem she knows and loves. As numbers withered away, Rose pulled the two Bone Gnawer anruth who had spent the past few years on the sept into the fold, and they came up with the idea that has brought us to this point.

  • Glory (Dependable) - Has never failed a commitment to her pack.
  • Glory (Generous) - Gave her car to a pack that needed to leave but didn't have the means.
  • Glory (Dependable) - Reliably sings tales every month at the moot.
  • Glory (Protect the Weak) - Helped evacuate kin from a burning building.
  • Glory (Slay the Wyrm) - Killed a leech that was feeding in Vainty Faire.
  • Honor (Loyal) - Followed her beta's advice against her better judgment on pure faith, and was rewarded.
  • Honor (Accept All Challenges) - Has defended Alpha 4 times in challenge.
  • Wisdom (Innovative) - Finding new ways to strengthen the caern heart with Blaze.
  • Wisdom (Calm) - Kept her cool in the face of a kinfolk near-uprising, and managed to settle the issue.
  • Wisdom (Merciful) - Defended Blaze and Scamp in the face of visiting Silver Fangs who wished them dead.
  • Wisdom (Think Before Acting) - Rearranged plans to help stem wyld taint at the waterfront at the advisement of her pack.

  • The sweetness is all a front.
  • In love with either Max or Trent probably.
  • Just a puppet so Last Word can run everything from the shadows.
  • A pacifist.

Character Theme Song(s):
Rose "Kindles the Heart" Conners
Sept Alpha
Adren Child of Gaia Homid Galliard
Charisma 5 (Inspiring/Comforting), Appearance 4 (Sweet)
Rage 4, Pure Breed 2, Approachable, Supporter


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