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Alan Chambers

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Name: Alan Chambers

Apparent Age: 70s
Height: 5'7"
Build: Grandpa bod
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue

Tribe: Children of Gaia
Rank: Eldest Kinfolk (one of three)
Subaltern Pack: Triat

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics:
    Alan is a nice old man, to the core. He always has a small smile and crinkly eyes. His glasses and ears are both sizable, as if a caricature of his age, and he always wears suits in public. His hearing aid is clearly visible in his right ear, and he insists he doesn't need a cane. He needs a cane.

Obvious Merits/Flaws: Supporter, Friendly Face, Hard of Hearing

Common Knowledge:
    Mr. Chambers has been a long term fixture in Newberry Glen. He used to run the drug store in town until his retirement, and now focuses solely on kin. In 1995, he became the president of the Newberry Glen Historical Society. He's a widower whose living kids have all moved away. He is known for being the medic and peacekeeper of the Triat kin pack. Recently, his granddaugther Bonnie has moved back.

  • Emily and Valentina both want them some of that.
  • Collects model trains.
  • Known for saying "Neato."
  • The first founder of Queertopia.

Character Theme Song(s): Pending
Alan Chambers
Medic of the Triat Subaltern
Charisma 4 (Genial), Pure Breed 3
Supporter, Friendly Face, Hard of Hearing
Fame 1 (President of Newberry Glen Historical Society)


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