Newberry Glen Gazette [10.13.17]

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Newberry Glen Gazette [10.13.17]

Postby Kirijama » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:55 am

Newberry Glen Gazette

Newberry Glen Horror Nights

Halloween is coming. As part of Newberry Glen horror nights, there are Haunted Houses at Town Hall, Walton Academy, 386 Juniper Street and the Finley House open from the 27th through Halloween. The Juniper Street house launched a viral publicity stunt a few weeks ago, with spooky sounds and actors running around with fake blood through Main Street, so anticipation for Newberry Glen Horror Nights is even higher.

There will also be trick or treating up and down Main Street, with a small party for parents and kids at Town Hall. [PM Mists]

It's Pumpkin Season

The Newberry Farmer's Market is proud to annouce that it's pumpkin season and they have them in stock. Get pumpkin spice honey butter, pumpkin spice cider, pumpkin spice whoopie pies, pumpkin spice candles made with real local bee's wax. They even have actual pumpkins!

For the freshest produce from the farm to your table, you can't do better than the Newberry Farmer's Market. [PM Mists]

Something Sweet for Newberry

That's right the Something Sweet bakery is opening in Newberry Glen. It's going in on Woodward Street at the site of the old Fashion Forward clothing boutique that closed down in 2015. The bakery is the first brick-and-mortar location for the business, which has been providing gourmet pastries for all occasions online since 2009. [PM Mama Cass]

The Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast

It's back! Time for the annual Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast. For just ten dollars you can get all the pancakes you can eat and benefit a good cause. Join us this Sunday and make sure to enter the raffle to win great prizes such as dinner for two at the Saltwater Diner, or a jar of Ann-Marie's award winning blueberry jam! [PM Mists]

Missing Pets

Pets are going missing or are being found dead in local area backyards and there are worries that perhaps a mountain lion or another large predator is prowling the area. Keep your pets safe by locking them in at night. [PM Kirijama]

Chipalope Hunting

Tourists are flocking to Confusion Hill after our local Chipalopes made the front page of reddit. Next week we'll even be playing host to cast and crew of the History Channel's Real Life Cryptids show as they explore and film in our beautiful woods. [PM Kirijama]

New Shops for Newberry

Business is booming in Newberry Glen. We have several new stores opening up this month including a new occult shop. Pickwick's Used Books store is moving to a larger location with room for a coffee shop.

Rumours are that there are even two different buyers in line to renovate the old arcade. The arcade has stood empty for some time and it would be wonderful to get this old piece of our town history up and running again. The bidding war going on is a sign of the revitalization of our community. [PM Mists]

Police Docket

  • An elderly man was caught wandering the streets without any clothes on last night. He has not been able to recall who he is. If you are missing a loved one, please call the police station.
  • Three kilos of meth was seized during a normal police stop. Police report an uptick in the number of illegal drugs that have been found in the past month. [PM Kirijama]
  • A fallen tree left residents of Pine Lane without power last night for three hours until services could get it cleared.
  • Graves are being disturbed in Newberry Cemetery. [PM Medusae]


Contact us here at the Newberry Glen Gazette if you have a story for our next paper. [PM Kirijama]

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