Sofia Lukin

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Sofia Lukin

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Name: Sofia Lukin

Apparent Age: Late 20s – 30ish
Height: 5'9"
Build: Coke bottle curves
Hair Color: Pink (Natural: Black)
Eye Color: Gray (Natural: Dark Brown)

Breed: Homid
Tribe: Shadow Lord (PB 3)
Rank: Kinfolk

Physical Appearance/Distinguishing Characteristics:
Sofia is the definition of Istagram-able beauty. Pastel dye job? Check. Winged eyeliner? Check. Crazy nail art? Check. Overdressed for any occasion? Check.

In terms of personality, she’s something of a firecracker, with a reputation for being aggressive in both the boardroom and the bedroom.


Common Knowledge:
  • A newcomer to Newberry Glen, Sofia recently purchased a small house off Main Street and is renovating it one room at time.
  • Sofia began modeling as a child and has appeared in a number of successful print ads and in boutique fashion shows.
  • Since graduating from Cal State in Long Beach, Sofia has worked as the Event Coordinator at Fieldbrook Winery in McKinleyville.
  • Her cousin Nina Petrov, a Ragabash known as Spin Doctor, was previously a member of the Sept of the Lost Coast and a former packmate of Artyom Mirga.
  • Will bang anyone who can take a decent selfie
  • Got banged by Trent for taking really good selfies
  • Took selfies while banging Trent
  • Took such good selfies while banging Trent, the camera broke
  • Put a guy in Eureka in the hospital when she nailed him in the balls with her stilettos
  • Worked as a magician's assistant in Vegas
  • Has a number of amateur videos up on PornHub.
  • Can get you the hookup on some seriously good, award winning wine...for a price

Character Song: Wikked Lil' Grrrls - Esthero


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