Local Uktena Kinfolk

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Local Uktena Kinfolk

Postby Ava » Tue Feb 27, 2018 3:13 pm

There are approximately 20 Uktena kinfolk in town, 10 of which are involved in construction work, Walton Academy and Town Hall (the Library, in particular).

Walton Academy

Ryan Diaz (PC)
Professor of English at Walton Academy. Purebreed 1.

Joanna Glover
Professor of the Arts at Walton Academy. Runs classes on design/fashion and mixed media arts. Sarcastic, dry humor, but genuinely well-meaning. Always willing to write a letter of recommendation at request. Purebreed 1.

Lorraine Turner
Student at Walton Academy. Enrolled in Professor Diaz' "Old and New" experimental writing class. Undeclared major. Turner is something of a problematic student and has been suspended twice since the year start. Definitely don't call her by her first name. Purebreed 0.

Construction Work

Hank Jensaw
Hank is a member of the Yurok tribe (California tribe, which lives alongside the Wiyot). He arrived to Newberry with a passion for woodworking and his family's fishing/eeling business. After meeting with many of the locals, he took a position with Reston Renovations and passed ownership of the family business to his single son. He is especially comfortable working with redwood. In his youth, he was one of the respected crafters of Yurok canoes. It is evident by the passion which he exudes when speaking of his heritage that he would prefer a life devoted to their traditions, but ultimately made the transition to Newberry for the benefit of his family. Purebreed 3.

Town Hall

Nadine Hughes
Something of the go-to girl of the Uktena who works in City Hall. She's friendly and approachable. Purebreed 2.


Gabriela Rodriguez
Gabi runs her father's gas station/restaurant at the center of town. They're well known for their home-made corn tortillas they make fresh every morning. She's the life of the party, always happy to chat up a new face or gossip about the going-ong's of town. As something of the hub for tourism in the town, Gabi always has a story to share. Purebreed 3.

Sarah Williams
Sarah works as a waitress at the Saltwater Diner. She's been a part of the Diner for as long as anyone can remember, having grown up there as a child with her family. Her family always has to share the story about how she used to teeth on the windowsills when she was young. She's the one always willing to bend the rules to make someone happy, including weekly blackberry pancakes for Mr. Diaz upon request. Purebreed 1.

Della Rockwill (Rakwłírił)
Della is one of the oldest living members of the California Wiyot tribe. While their language was believed to have died out in the late 60's, Della remains one of the few tribal members with knowledge of their forgotten traditions. Della was named after her grandmother, Della Prince who died when she was only 10 years of age. She is 65 years of age, making her second to Juana as eldest Uktena. She was 10 years old at the time of the Wiyot massacre. For the most part, Della keeps to herself, living in a dilapidated house at the edge of Newberry Glen. Though she has no children of her own, she has taken on many of the local Uktena as her adopted family. Purebreed 4.

Marcus Jensaw
Marcus moved to Newberry a few years ago in the company of his father, Hank. Despite his youth and inexperience, Hank passed the family fishing business to his son to build as his own. They have built numerous contracts with many of the local restaurants to supply fresh seafood. The Jensaw's are especially conscientious in their work with the sea and take great efforts to do so sustainably. They are more inclined to lose a contract than continue to harvest an over-fished animal. Purebreed 2.
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