A Tale of Forgetting

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A Tale of Forgetting

Postby Mama Cass » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:05 am

[OOC: Tale told in this scene.]

Once upon a time in a sept far, far away, those born under the Gibbous face of Luna began to forget who they were and what they knew.

Now, this is a story about forgetting, and so it's no surprise that most of the reasons they began to forget have themselves been forgotten. Some say that they fell to a sickness born of all the pain and suffering that runs deep within the history of the Garou Nation. Some say that it was a curse laid upon them in retribution for some grievous wrong. Others say that the Galliards of that sept intentionally forgot, despising the traditions and reviling their heritage. Still others say that it was a lesson given to this sept by Luna herself, lest the Garou forget the face she shows to the world more often than any other, save the crescent moon. In any case, it is generally agreed that how they came to forget themselves and their stories is far less important than the fact that they did and the lessons learned thereafter.

At first, no one noticed, perhaps because of the magic involved in the forgetting, or perhaps simply because no one cared. Even if they've forgotten who they are, it's nearly impossible to keep a Galliard from telling stories, and so the sept's news still got around for the most part. But the memories of the Galliards were gone, and so the stories were only ever told once, and even then they were vague, and so went unheeded, in one ear and out the other.

The sept soon forgot enemies that had hidden themselves away in wait, enemies who multiplied silently in the dark and unleashed a never ending assault upon the caern, leaving the sept itself entrenched and alone, for they had also forgotten their old allies and their friends. Each time they sought aid, the sought it anew, forgetting where they had found it before, as well as to whom they owed debts and who in turn owed them debts. Word spread of this dishonor, and it was not long before few if any would come to help them.

Such conditions would be grim enough to endure on their own, but for this sept, it was only the beginning. Telling tales is not the only duty a Galliard is tasked with; as the keepers of our history and heritage, we keep also the traditions and the ways of life that Garou before us once lived. The Galliards of this sept had forgotten their duties, and it was not long before that began to affect the other auspices.

The Ahrouns, as you might imagine, were greatly impacted. The sept was beset by many cunning foes, and the Gibbous moons had forgotten that we stand on either side of the Ahroun moon, and that we also have been given many gifts to grant victory on the field of battle. Moreover, there were none to speak of the stratagems that won the great battles of the past; no one remembered the tricks and secrets that can make defeating the enemies of Gaia so much easier if they are only remembered. It was not long before Ahroun began to leave the Galliards out of conversations of War, claiming it as the concern of the Full Moons and none else.

The Philodox too were greatly affected, for the face of Luna which smiles upon them is bordered also by the Gibbous moon. Philodox are the keepers of the law, and law has little meaning without context. Many of the past precedents set in arguments and councils concerning the Litany were forgotten, for it had been the job of the Galliards to retain and share this wisdom. Many of the past triumphs of justice were forgotten, along with the tales they were contained in, and the Litany grew fickle and empty within this sept, for it had lost the lessons of the past that make it a vibrant, robust code. The Philodox more and more began to believe that as keepers of the law, they were also the keepers of tradition; they had forgotten that what makes tradition important is the weight of history and the lessons of the past that compose it, and without the memories of the Galliards, the great wealth of tradition buried in our past was forgotten.

Neither were the Theurges unaffected. A Galliard has a way of keeping his pack grounded, with stories, with advice, with boasting, and with friendship. It's an often overlooked, but important responsibility, and the Galliards of this sept forgot it. Lacking an anchor to this world, the Theurges drifted closer and closer to that of the spirits. They spent days or weeks at a time in the Umbra, and grew strange and land-lorn. Slowly, their decisions and pronouncements became indecipherable to the rest of the Sept, for--lacking a good grounding--they saw things only in terms of the spiritual, forgetting the balance of mind, body, and soul as the world has forgotten the balance of the Triat.

The Ragabash, too, strayed, though their auspice was the quickest to adapt to the change, as one of their most important roles is to question, question, question. It was not long before they claimed that to question anything at all was the sole purview of their office. Perversely, the Ragabash introduced a rigid code upon this sept that only they were free to change, flout, or call into doubt. They preached false tradition, devoid of the richness of the past, forgetting that their duty to question the way is rooted in a duty to keep the Traditions supple, flexible, adaptable to the ever changing flow of time.

Herein we begin to see the greater loss to this sept: the certain knowledge our ancestors held that the roles and duties of the Auspices may be specialized, but they are ultimately interconnected, shared and dependent on one another to serve our Mother as a whole. The sept had forgotten that the Auspices are like the fingers on a hand; there may be strength and capability in each, but together, they make a powerful fist. Without memory to guide them, they grew divided, and gnashed their teeth and snarled, and forgot what they owed to Gaia and each other. They were no longer Garou, called with purpose, but animals, using the talents Luna had blessed them with to make hollow claims to honor and glory, and to hold themselves above their brothers in vanity and hate.

This is how the problem came to be resolved, for Gaia herself became wroth at the great mockery that this sept had become. By a mighty act of power, she restored memory to the Gibbous moons, and a great howl of shame and anguish went up, a lamentation for what had become of their once proud Sept. It is said that there was not a Galliard who heard that howl who did not weep to think of it, and that Luna herself wept to hear their sorrow. This, it is said, is why the Gift called Memory Circle appears as a collection of shed tears, for it was created to mark the memory of this sept and its loss of something precious.

The Galliards resolved that never would such a horror befall another Sept, and so they crafted this story, to be told to each Galliard in time so that they would never again forget the value of our knowledge, never again would a sept forget the Traditions of whence we are born, and that never, never would it be forgotten that the history of our auspices and our Nation is a living, breathing thing that sings rapture and sorrow into the hearts of all who hear it and inspires Garou through generations, so we may fulfill our duty to Gaia.

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