Music of the Wars of Rage

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Music of the Wars of Rage

Postby Mama Cass » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:14 am

A dear friend of mine, an Adren Silent Strider Philodox by the name of Solomon "Gold Rush" James, brought this song back from one of his visits to the Wheel of Ptah and shared it with me. The original writer is a young Corax who was inspired by stories of the Wars of Rage and the political events of the early twenty first century.

Some of you may object to the content of the music; some of you may be angry, and others may find it uncomfortable. I urge you to listen with humility, to find the lesson in it as Gold Rush did, and to remember that we look to the past not only for the wisdom to emulate our successes, but also the wisdom not to repeat our mistakes.

Dar Williams

Who's afraid of the sun?
Who'd question the goodness of the mighty?
We who banish the threat
When your little ones all go nighty-nighty

Well, there's no time for doubt right now
And less time to explain
So get back on your horses
Kiss my ring, join our next campaign

And the Empire grows with the news that we're winning
With more fear to conquer
And more gold thread for spinning
Bright as the sun, shining on everyone

Some would say that we forced our words
And we find that ingenuously churlish
Words are just words
Don't be so pessimistic, weak and girlish

We like strong and happy people
Who don't think there's something wrong with pride
Work makes them free
And we spread that freedom far and wide

And the Empire grows, the seeds of its glory
For every five tanks, plant a sentimental story
Till they worship the sun
Even Christ loving ones

And we'll kill the terror who rises
And a million of their races
But when our people torture you
That's a few random cases

Don't question the sun, it doesn't help anyone

But the journalist cried out
"When it was too late to stop us
Everyone had awakened to the dream
They could enter our Colossus"

And now I'm right, here you said I'm right
There's nothing that can harm me
Cause the sun never sets
On my dungeons or my army

And the Empire fell
On its own splintered axis
And the Emperor wanes
As the silver moon waxes

And the farmers will find our coins
In their strawberry fields
While somebody somewhere
Twists his ring as someone kneels

Oh where is the sun shining for everyone?
Oh where is the sun shining for everyone?
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