The Eyes of Wadjet

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The Eyes of Wadjet

Postby Tyler » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:31 pm


Pack Name: The Eyes of Wadjet
Pack Totem: Owl
Pack Purpose: A travelling pack who aid all those in need, specializing in supernatural issues
Open to New Members: Very

Pack Members:
  • Pack Alpha: Weighs the Heart, Homid Fostern Silent Strider Philodox
  • Pack Beta: Watcher Behind the Mirror, Homid Cliath Silent Strider Theurge
  • Helios's Bloody Smile, Fostern Cliath Silent Strider Ragabash
  • Pack Omega: Red Desert's Flame, Lupus Cliath Uktena Ragabash

Pack Deeds and Timeline:
  • 2011 - Pack is formed when Weighs the Heart and Red Desert's Flame first meet in Yellowstone park
  • 2014 - Participated in the battle of Antonito in Colorado
  • 2015 - Traveled the country, helping put ghosts to rest, defeating Wyrm minions, and putting witches down
  • 2016 - In Boston MA, worked with the Neighborhood Watch pack in attempting to secure a Silent Strider fetish from a museum
  • 2017 - Arrival in Newberry Glen, pack welcomes Watcher Behind the Mirror

Sound Track:
Tyler "Weighs-the-Heart"
Adren Homid Silent Strider Philodox
PB: 1 | Rage 3 | Charisma 5 (Air of Confidence) | Manipulation 4 (Unswerving Logic) | Appearance 3
Alpha of The Eyes of Wadjet, Warder of the Sept of the Lost Coast
Always wears gauze wrapped up his right forearm and a synthetic glove on his right hand


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