Slice of Life v. Plot

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Slice of Life v. Plot

Postby The Mists » Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:13 pm

With SO MANY NEW PLAYERS, I wanted to go over this again. I could've done it as an ST Announcement, but I want to encourage dialogue.

So this is a Slice of Life game. The focus? You. Your characters. Your stories.

Is there plot? FUUUUCK yes. There are 3 major plots in the background that are somehow responsible for every single thing happening in/around the town. HOWEVER.

My plot will not engage you until you engage it, or request it.

The exception to this is Flaws. If you have a Flaw, I assume you're consenting to relevant plot, and will tag you.

But of the 3 big bads out there? They're content to do their thing until you poke them. Major, huge, ginormous plot monsters? If you don't want to deal with 'em, you won't have to.

Now there WILL be IC consequence for avoiding ALL plot, but it's likely not going to be any greater than another PC/NPC getting exasperated and saying they could use some help. Like I can't avoid/prevent that. But if you just wanna hang out, build character stories and RP? Do it.

That said, this goes two ways. There is AS MUCH PLOT as you pursue. There's a SF Lupus sept of assholes nearby. If you want that to turn into a story, let me know IC or OOC and I'll bring it in. There's weird shit in the Shadowlands of the town. If you want that to be a plot, hit me up. The more you run around and poke things, the more there is to do. But that also means the more there is building up that needs addressing, so it's likely a good idea to solve some stuff before moving on to the next.

If you're like OMG I WANT PLOT GIMME but don't know where to find it? Ask me and I'll point you in directions. If you're like OMG I HAVE PLOT BUT TBH I'M NOT INTO IT, let me know and I can bubble it back down.

I WANT THIS GAME TO BE FUN FOR YOU. This is YOUR game. It's a neglected sept/town because I want YOU to build it up into the game setting YOUR PCs want it to be. Take it over. Mold it into your world. Poke what you want and avoid what you don't. <3 If you're ever struggling for something to do, or feel like there's more than you'd have fun handling, talk to me.

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Re: Slice of Life v. Plot

Postby Beringer » Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:25 pm

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