Respecting Stats, Remembering Merits and Flaws, Updating Profiles

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Respecting Stats, Remembering Merits and Flaws, Updating Profiles

Postby The Medusae » Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:45 am

A couple reminders and a brief discussion from your staff regarding merits and flaws, sheets, and character profiles:

It's been a while since game began, and we've had a HUGE influx of new PCs over the last several months. Both of these things are good. However, that also means:

(1) The character you're roleplaying now might be very different from who they were five months ago, or who you intended them to be (what you put on paper isn't always what comes out in practice, after all)

(2) Autopilot may have taken over, which sometimes leads to forgetting things about your own PC (what merits and flaws you have and how they work, for example) or overlooking things about other PCs (such as notable stats, which will be discussed in more detail below).

That means now is a great time to do the following things:

(1) Re-check your sheet, signature, and your character profile. Update them if necessary.

(2) Re-check how your merits and flaws work and make sure you are roleplaying them appropriately. If you need to discuss adding or removing things with staff, please do so.

(3) Re-check other peoples' signatures and PC profiles to be sure you're not ignoring key things about their character - merits and flaws, high Rage score, notable state, etc.

And now, for the other topic: respecting peoples' stats:

If you look through the requirements for this game, one of them is that any obvious traits or things that would affect other people's dice rolls against you/RP with you be listed in your signature. These include:

  • Stats that are VERY low, such as Appearance 1
  • Stats that are VERY high (4 or more)
  • Certain obvious merits and flaws, or ones that will adjust difficulties on peoples' dice rolls (example: Insightful, which not only lowers the difficulty of the person who possesses it, but increases difficulty for people trying to hide things from them)
  • Rage
  • Pure Breed
A BIG reason for why we require these to be listed is that these things should be informing your interactions with other PCs and NPCs. This is especially critical because we don't make a lot of dice rolls in this game outside of combat situations.

When it comes to stats, human average the world over is 2 (and average WP is about 3). Having 3 dots in something means you could make a living off it. 4 and 5? You are the best in the world. 6? You are beyond superhumanly whatever that stat is.

This means that, for example (using some of the NPCs and PCs in this game):

  • Someone with Appearance 5+ (especially if they have appearance related merits on top of it) should be stopping traffic on a regular basis, whether or not people like their personalities (coughTrentcough); for reference, Enticer Fomori have Appearance 6.
  • Someone with Perception 5 should be nearly impossible to ambush/catch off guard/physically hide things from.
  • Somebody with Leadership 6 is going to be irresistibly compelling and inherently persuasive to the majority of people they encounter, without effort.
  • Someone with Dexterity 6 is inhumanly fast and probably capable of tying themselves into a pretzel (make of that what you will).
  • Somebody with Rage 8 is going to be TERRIFYING to most humans and kinfolk, unless they've sunk a ton of XP into Willpower or have merits like Gall.
  • Somebody with Enigmas 7 is going to be a frickin' genius at figuring out the mysteries of the world; almost nothing is a riddle to them.
TL;DR there's a reason we asked people to put those things in their signatures in the first place. Please remember to read them while you're roleplaying and respond accordingly. Likewise, if you don't have these things in your signature, please add them.

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