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Custom Fetishes

Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 6:06 pm
by The Mists
I've added this to the Backgrounds write-up, but wanted to post it here, because a few people have been discussing fetishes.

I'm not of a mind to come up with custom mechanics for every fetish, and had considered allowing strictly book fetishes, but I don't much like that either. So here's the basic rundown.

First off, ALL fetishes are subject to approval. I reserve the right to say no if I think it's unbalancing, doesn't fit your PC or doesn't fit the game.

Secondly, as cliaths and fosterns, no, you can't come in with Klaives or Klaive equivalents. Earn it in game. It can be a thing.

Thirdly, fetishes will be approved at the following costs:
- Level One fetishes for things that are purely flavor and have no actual mechanic (bottomless flask, etc)
- Any fetish from the book, at the cost projected in the book
- Any custom fetish will mimic a gift/rite, and will cost the level of that gift/rite +1 (so a Cleansing squirt bottle would be a 2 Point Fetish, a Mastery lipstick would be 5, etc.)