The Tale of Shok-Sthola

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The Tale of Shok-Sthola

Postby Mama Cass » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:08 am

[OOC: Tale originally told by Rose and re-told by Cass.]

This is the tale of Shok-sthola.

Back in the 50's, the theurges noticed a problem plaguing our coastal trees. They sent a pack to explore it, but they never came back. When the spirits were asked what happened, they learned that most spirits avoided the region, save the wind. And the wind carried a somber tale. The pack had gone to investigate, and three had been entangled by the roots of the trees and pulled underground, while two more were struck by some sort of trance, and waded out into the ocean.

Several ranking packs went to seek those taken by the sea, but what happened they could never expect. Two packs used SCUBA gear and a third had a pact with a spirit, and they began to travel deep under the water. The creatures there were all horribly misshapen and mutated, but not at all aggressive until they went deeper. Every now and then, they would find a scrap of clothing from one of the missing, and at one point, one of the fetishes they were known to carry. As the pressure built under the water, they encountered the first aggressive creature... possibly a shark, but to this day, it was too mutated to tell. But it was an easy kill, and one pack stayed behind to cleanse it.

The other packs advanced, and came across an extensive coral reef. There they saw one of the two, impaled in the coral that had started to even grow around him. As they readied their weapons and the spirit imbued sounded a Call of the Wyld, the pack that had stayed behind was swimming furiously, trying to convey a message the water and their scuba gear would not permit. As they turned to see what the fuss was about, the coral reef itself rose up, a terrible tentacle swiping through the group and killing two instantly.

In horror, the packs watched as an eldritch monstrosity pulled itself up from a chasm to face them. The waters churned and three more began laughing hysterically on the spot, swimming towards its terrible maw. What few weapons were available were used to little effect against the sheer enormity of the creature, and when the pack finally caught up, they were able to share what they had gleaned from cleansing. This was no foul beast of the wyrm. They had stumbled across some ancient horror of the wyld, roused to activity by the actions of the nearby sept.

The packs fought the terror of the depths as best they could. Coral began to grow over the scuba equipment, causing many to drown, and several began to mutate on the spot. Only two were able to escape as the rest were pulled into the malformed maw of the terrible creature, one horribly injured. The man who pulled him to safety and got him back to the sept, Last Word's grandfather, was named Wyrm Foe, and given authority to plan where to go from there.

Research began immediately. They asked the spirits, scoured the lore, and unearthed tales of an ancient being named Shok-sthola that matched what was encountered. A monstrosity with a terrible influence, part of a Wyld triat said to exist in the Pacific Northwest. Two further attempts were made to reclaim the dead and defeat the aberration, but more lives were lost, and the wyld corruption crept deeper into the sept. The trees themselves stirred, their treacherous roots pulling more underground as their own sort of fertilizer. The collateral damage was too great, and something had to be done.

The theurges of the sept traveled far and wide before returning with the knowledge of many gifts and rites to combat the wyld, most now lost. They discovered an ancient ritual called the Rite of Leaves, which calls upon the Weaver to bind the Wyld to its will. The casting of the rite was immensely dangerous, as it roused the attention of the Wyld and Weaver alike, and allies from nearby septs were called to help. Many died, and the entire town was evacuated, but the rite was performed, and Shok-sthola was trapped within a coral shell, and remains to this day locked in the depths.

The Grove of the Fallen was made in tribute for all of those who were lost, and the Wyrm Foe was deeded Binds the Depths. While the wyld influence remains in some part to this day, the sept and town flourish, thanks to the sacrifices of those who fought against Shok-sthola.

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